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  1. HI Guys, Here is a new Discord link to our coms, https://discord.gg/H9b9S4CkuG Come say hi and a fly. Cheers guys O_Smiladon
  2. Also. Tonight around 8 pm NZ time. Will be hosting a test map of TF-51 pylon racing in Vegas !! Yes, Vegas. come along for a bit of fun. When you see OW server on the list come on in for some fun. Regards O_Smiladon
  3. Hi Guys. I have set up a Discord (Oceanic Wing Southern ) address is: https://discord.gg/qMkKz please come on and say hi. I am on there most nights but if not just keep popping in till ya see me or one of the guys we are a friendly bunch and will help you out if you are getting stuck on something. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks, guys Keep it level O_Smiladon
  4. Hi Guys, The oceanic wing is back like Phoenix rising from the Ashes.. Looking to get the O,s back up in the air. Kiwi / Aussie squad and anyone else who is happy with our time zone,s. Relaxed people who enjoy a beer and a laugh and a bit of banter between ourselves. To fly together and Form up and when needed kick ass in the air. Depending on numbers would look at setting back up a website and own TS channel but at the mo will most likely be a Discord coms scenario. If anyone interested feel free to PM me and we can go from there Regards Steve aka O_Smiladon
  5. Why ?? Good day all, Anyone know why i am getting... F15c and SU27 serial number requests when I have FC3 ?? Just a tad confused. Thanks All O_Smiladon
  6. Thanks mate that did the trick O_Smiladon
  7. Hey Guys, My Trackir is not working with the A4 mod??? Any Ideas ? Regards O_Smiladon
  8. Hi Guys, Had to do a clean sweep of my PC and fresh install of DCS. That was all good but wen I went to play Normandy map and fly mt spit only maps that would come up is the Caucuses map. I have key codes for all the maps available and none except Caucuses came up to fly on. I can fly them in create quick mission and such but nothing in multiplayer ??? Any ideas would be great thanks O_Smiladon :pilotfly:
  9. S! You have made this kiwi very happy thanks soooo much
  10. Yep same issue for me.. X55 not working in game. but yet when i go to the controls it shows up fine and works ok in that control settings ??? Hope that gets fixed in the hotfix patch. O_Smildon
  11. Yep that was it . Thanks guys O_Smialdon
  12. Hi Guys, Is it just me?? i go to out side view and things look a little fuzzie or blury ? Is there a setting that i am not hit or unticked ? just dont get a nice sharp picture when looking of in to the distance. Cheers guys O_Smiladon
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