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  1. So spend time to do something instead of crying about things YOU don't need. And let others do what they wants ....
  2. knellknell


    Yes this is mine but reserved for the team ( BJT ) a keep in secret since a long time. They now planed to do a public demonstration in few weeks ( before end september in france for a simulation Show) and that why they released screens shots :)
  3. knellknell


    Not available for the moment but will be one day ( i hope not so far)
  4. knellknell


    Some skin are allready done .... http://www.lockon-models.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=234&view=findpost&p=1165
  5. http://www.lockon-models.com/index.php?showtopic=25 and the video tut : http://www.thinking-board.net/Hosting/Tools/animate%20in%20lomac.rar Thanks to StrikeMax
  6. The models should be export in lom format with BMP textiure apply in Max. And Bmp file must be in TempTexture folder in LockOn.
  7. At least 300.000 poly ..... The probleme is not to do a 3D model, the problem is to do a game compatible model. And this is a hudge difference. These models are nice for screenshot, that's all.
  8. A Huuuuuuuuuuuuugde amount of poly is needed for the net. If i guess well, the amount of polygone of the net should be .....8 This object have not a significant impact on FPS :huh::huh:
  9. I'm currently busy with some models ED ask me, so sorry guy, i'm not available :)
  10. Well... The problem about this model, is that, even it's a lovely model, he dont met the ED requierements. At least more than 70,000 faces..... Some a HUDGE simplifaication of this model need to be done. There is no animations, so everything must be done. Materials are not standards, and no mapping on the model, so everything must be done. It will be certainelly faster to simplifly than to do an other one from scratch, but it will be long. By the way, it's very kind to find some models, but it would be super, if the models you find met the requierements. My two cents ......
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