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  1. I play in OB. I think there must be an undestroyed aircraft problem. I think it's annoying to have this kind of condition built in because our AV8B is not really a fighter but thanks for taking the time to answer so quickly.
  2. Should all enemy fighters be destroyed?
  3. I was wondering what the requirements are to succeed in this mission. I've done it several times and managed to land at the base and each time I've only got a 50 percent success rate.
  4. @ctytler Effectively it doesn't work with the web interface. Thanks for your answer.
  5. I finally managed to get my Stream Deck to work with the DCS BIOS and the F-16 or M-2000 (I suppose the other DCS aircraft work too) but I still have a problem with the A4E-C. The communication works in the direction DCS ==> Streamdeck but not in the direction Streamdeck ==>DCS. Any ideas?
  6. You have to increase the Device ID number by +1 on the buttons that no longer work. At least, this is what corrected the same problem for me.
  7. Don't use a switch Button. You need a momentary Button for this function
  8. You can try to follow the link of this post
  9. Hello, this happens when there are duplicates in the script that do not have the same decimal value or decimal point. In your case, for the master arm cover and master arm switch, delete lines 635 and 636 or modify them as below. [1046] = "%1d", -- WEAP_Master_Arm_Cover [1047] = "%1d", -- WEAP_Master_Arm Sorry, my script is far to be perfect but I didn't have the time or the desire to correct all the defects.
  10. I don't have a solution for that. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to create this because I don't know anything about the scripting language.
  11. Sorry to deceive but nosaMtrevoC hasn't posted for 7 months. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the project has been abandoned.
  12. I can't be sure that nothing is missing but these scripts should be very complete. The F-14 script is a bit special as I have added some lines that nosaMtrevoC created.
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