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  1. By the way... Did somebody fix my grammer and spelling errors in my previous posts on this thread? Because I can’t believe how “well” written those comments are. Can’t be me if I compare it to how I write now. It’s like somebody cleaned it up.
  2. You can’t say I have no patience Still loving it.
  3. Well it seems we finally be getting our glorified dynamic mission generator. And I didn’t even had to learn to implement one myself.
  4. I'm using my work head set. Had no clue it was only Mono LoL.
  5. Okay that worked perfectly c0ff. Sound is all back. That was some quick fixing there. Highly appreciated. Thx.
  6. Hello, I got an issue with my DCS headset Audio. Since i changed USB ports because i had to connect my new racing wheel i lost all audio trough my headset. Even when i connect it to the original USB port. When i unplug the headset the audio does come trough my regular speakers. DCS can see all my audio devices perfectly. Troubleshoot steps i done "Plantronics DA70 headset": *Restart PC > No solution *Change USB port. > No solution *Update game > No solution *Check Game audio config > On Defaulth *Changed game audio config directly pointing at Plantronics DA70 from the drop down menu > No solution *Plantronics as default device in windows > Check *Test with other games > Works perfectly *Run DCS repair > No solution *Test with SRS > Works perfectly *Disconnect racing wheel > No solution *Re-installed headset drivers in device manager > No solution *Copied and renamed Config folders in DCS root and DCS Saved games > No solution *Cleared content FXO folder > No solution *Cleared content MetaShaders 2 > No solution Only major changes to the system where: - Installed Racing wheel. - Moved headset to another USB port. - Updated DCS. - Updated SRS.
  7. Just try to do as much as you can. And tell us about it the last moment.
  8. WinchesterDelta1 F-14B Tomcat (Blue)
  9. WinchesterDelta1 Lonewolf Netherlands Ping: 150 1. F-16C Fighting Falcon Blue side
  10. I alway's play session just for fun. Why would i play otherwise?
  11. You have no clue what he is talking about it seems. Lets make it simpel for you. Because a LUA script can't repair a runway gradually. It's always instant. Just like the repair function to repair a plane. If they did not put code in for it to take 170 seconds it would be instant. So if the option to repair a runway comes available it would be the same. But off-course with a runway you want some flexibility and to simulate how long it can take to fix it. So what NeMOGAS say's is that mission designers can use this function to their liking. The mission designer can put conditions for a runway repair. So a couple examples what the mission designer can script as conditions are as follows: - After the runway becomes inoperable it will take 170> for it to be repaired (i hope more then that.) - After the runway becomes inoperable a chopper needs to place 5 creates and wait for 45 minutes before the runway is (magically) repaired. - After the runway becomes inoperable some repair trucks drive on the runway and they need to stay there for 60 minutes before the script kicks in and instantly repairs the runway. - etc etc. If you don't understand this then you do't have any clue how any of this works. Hint: It's exactly the same as how the aircraft repair works. Only the aircraft repair is as far as i know hard coded. But it will also instantly repair your plane if it was not for the timer. But this time you replace the timer with another condition or also just a timer. It's a great idea form neMogas and simple to understand for almost everybody.
  12. Great mod. But does it have Air to Air? Did not see anything mentioned about that.
  13. It better be glorious. And i have no doubt it will be. :):thumbup:
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