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  1. From my own experience, I support totally the message of Thinder. I think having an AMD Ryzen is a great option, I have the version 5, and the simulator it works amazingly well. And as far as I know, at this moment they are up to version 7. However, if you don't want to stick only on that one, because prices or anything else, I think AMD have a huge variaty of very good GPUs, and is easy to find in any shop as you can see on this list of amds GPUs. But still, if you prefer to continues with Intel, probably by name that one is always a safe option, but probably not the best one.
  2. yep, that makes totally sense, no participate in making a monopolio even bigger. I have to admit my share of guilt here, because I normally don't think in these consequences. But, I have to be honest that everytime someone reminds me that, it is contributing a little bit more in one day, make the last and avoid definitely one of those big guys (in this case Amazon). By the way, thank so much for your answer, super useful
  3. Super cool thread, it helped to me a lot. The thing is I am considering to change the processor of my PC, around 4yrs, and is going pretty slow. Hoever, I think I have a good GPU. And something that catches my attention is you are only using Newegg shop, it is for any reason? something better than Amazon, or Walmart? Case is I found a list of competing prices, and it seems that Newegg is a bit expensive than those two, and I would like to know why before do any order. Thanks!
  4. I just saw the entire video, pretty well explained, thanks!. Actually I have checked a little bit more on the channel of this guy, and there are a bunch of other interesting videos with tutorials, and reviews :thumbup:
  5. So then, I guess you need a plane very easy to pilot, full of combat options available, right? In your opinion, then, which one would you recommend if it is not an official trainer plane?
  6. what about some of the official jet trainer? Like for example: Lockheed T-33 from USA Mikoyan MiG-AT from Russia Folland Gnat from UK I can imagine that if those are the real aircraft for training real pilots, on the simulation could also be pretty useful for beginners P.D: I found this list, and much more on Wikipedia, just typing "Jet trainer"
  7. Wow!, the music is pretty nice, and the quality of the video is very cool! My only point of improvement it was, it takes some minutes to start to flight (or at least seeing moving the airplane), for the rest, great :) P.D: Thanks for sharing the specifications in which you ran it
  8. I would say, remember to connect using an Ethernet cable instead of wireless connection. By default, wireless loses much more speed than connected directly by cable
  9. that is actually quite true :P, I just tried to be a bit polite, but yes, what you said is quite true
  10. Thanks for the explanation :). Yes, is true, as far as I know from some Japanese friends I have, it seems that Japan always faced this dilemma between modern and tradition, especially when new things thread traditions somehow. From what they told me after WWII until the last 10 years, the people got focused more on modern and outside of the country, rather than tradition and nationalist, but it seems that with Abe that has changed a bit.
  11. wow, thanks a lot for this long context. I did not know that Japan aircraft at the time was so dependent on other countries... mainly because they tend to be so proud our themself and because it tended to be a quite close country by then. Actually, it is curious how one of the most important companies by then, Mitsubishi, started with Aircraft around the time you mentioned 1920s, before was a shipping company and coal mining one... bravo for the post :)
  12. Well, actually that is what I am talking about, details are not relevant if are not going to be seen, or are going to be seen very small, I think we are talking pretty much the same ...:)
  13. I know I know, but my point is, even you have to compute mines, submarines, etc, you don't need to render everything. For example, if you are flying, and you are looking down, max you can see is 50m deep. So, if there is a submarine or any other thing at 200m, why you need to render the whole submarine? The only thing you need is to let know to your radar, there is a submarine there. The fact that is not rendered does not mean that it is not doing its functionality, that submarine even not rendered, is fully working. Meaning still can detect you, or detect boats, still can attack, etc, etc. Just you don't need to render everything, and that for sure will speed up the whole map, and improve the experience. I hope I explaining well the idea :(
  14. Yes, exactly that was my point, you don't need so much visibility underwater
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