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  1. Excellent, thank you! Syria and Persian Gulf is also fine with me. I'll try to copy the template to another map (I saw that in a video recently, I'll give it a try). @Rudel_chw Thanks for the hint. I know Redkites awesome (!) "dynamic" templates. But I was to lazy to adjust them to my taste and I had "floating" aircrafts in Multiplayer (if I remember correct).
  2. Hey fagulha, thank you so much! I'm in the office right now and I'm a little bit short in time this week, but I will check this out during the weekend! Thanks again for the christmas gift Kansti
  3. Wow! Would you like to share your templates or a short mission? Please! It's so close before christmas Thank you!
  4. Head Tracking => DelanClip + OpenTrack VR => HP Reverb G2
  5. Is the T-45 the User-Plane? Sounds like LCtrl+F9 Key-Combo is used in T-45.
  6. I'm not an expert, but here is a screenshot from the SC manual. I'd say (BC) is not the error, it's the distance where the error before (in grade) happened.
  7. Instead of a trackball, I bought myself a little mini key-/touchpad for a few bucks and gave it a try. I have mousebuttons on my HOTAS. Not the best solution, but cheap and works just fine for me! mini wireless Touchpad = € 16,-
  8. Got it! Thank you very much for your response.
  9. Very interesting project! Thanks for sharing! Do I get this right? The offset must/should be adjusted every time you "mount" the controller on your hand/arm because you might wear it a little different every time? I never use my controllers in VR (o.k. I tried them once or twice), but I have to give them a try next time and try how to wear them with some comfort
  10. Hello, I saw those videos a while a go during "TGP learning". Thank you for reminding me of those videos and your explanation! Very interesting and VERY helpfull!!! Thank you, Kansti
  11. Wow, thank you so much, this fixed the problem on my system! :thumbup:
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