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  1. A great way to discover the map and a nice gesture from fellow developers 3 great missions to enjoy, Thank you
  2. Hi, (for discussion) in some case , in cars, it is only a matter of using mirrors (the aspheric one allow to have a larger image), whoch are obviously much much cheaper (<1USD) and easier to manufacture than (large diameter) lenses: while in "our" HUD, you must have a collimated (meaning as seen at an infinite distance) view of the grid/sight, and this is done with a (large and expensive ) lens
  3. Fully agree. I mention the Mirage III because I believe that the perception of the F1 wing being good for short t/o comes from the fact that it was meant/designed by Dassault to be better than the IIIC (which it is) while not being very good in absolute terms as you point out.
  4. T/O and landing performance much improved compared to Dassault delta Mirage IIIC/E-> the F1 wing allows for large flaps and slats With this , the landing speed goes from >160kts (IIIC) to 125 kts (F1C) (they say)
  5. gabuzomeu

    Starting M2000

    I think it is now mandatory to test flight controls ( red latch on the back of left console)
  6. HI, Stennis is not upgraded to supercarrier features. You have to use the other CVNs (eg 73) Then the crew is already there,
  7. Indeed, it seems fighter pilots just stay at the bar until absolutely needed.
  8. Hi, the campaign is so full of nice setups and things happen all over the map so that it's a bit frustrating that external views are not possible (beyond your own Huey) , however Reflected gave an excellent reason as it would break a lot of the gameplay. However, there is an easy way to have this in tracks so you can see the fantastic missions from other point of views (what the hell is Satan doing before they come to help? etc....) and make movies. - save a track - open the .trk with 7-zip or similar - extract the "mission" file - open with editor (Notepad++ is good) - search for "forced" , which will get you to the forced option list ["forcedOptions"] = { ["easyFlight"] = false, ["fuel"] = false, ["easyRadar"] = false, ["unrestrictedSATNAV"] = false, ["optionsView"] = "optview_onlymap", ["permitCrash"] = false, ["immortal"] = false, ["weapons"] = false, ["easyCommunication"] = false, ["labels"] = 0, }, -- end of ["forcedOptions"] -suppress the line ["optionsView"] = "optview_onlymap", - save (make sure there is no extension (.txt or other) added to the name - drag "mission" file into the zip window, replacing the original mission file in the .trk And if you forgot to save the track of the mission where you finally avoid crashing in the LZ palm trees, it is saved (last mission AND the mission before) in C:\Users\"your name"\Appdata\Temp\DCS\ as a regular trk file
  9. Hello, you can try adding a layer with a grid like the one here, so you can find precisely where texture ends etc. In some skins psd, you have the model « skeleton » in one layer so you see precisely the limits and it gives you the necessary references. And when cutting you emblem , make sure to have the parts overlap the limits of the texture, so they will not leave a gap when viewed in game. Good luck!
  10. Looks like the sequence inboard pylon/wing fence/landing gear/outboard pylon perfectly matches indeed.
  11. hi, it's called Engine RPM. You may want to have a look at chuck's guide, where you can get all needed info and much more.
  12. To celebrate the 80 years of the Ile de France squadron, initially in 1941 a free french spitfire affair, this livery has been created by Regis Rocca as many others. I tried to be close to the real thing, and the many many details present. Go see the amlazing photos on the ec ile de france page : https://www.facebook.com/ec25iledefrance It's available : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319269/
  13. HI, it seems you also can create a separate campaign file from the original one, and put it into the standard folder alongside the original campaign, and then you have two campaigns : regular and Channel version. Looking forward to the (winter) (high altitude) new mission. Spitfire IX The Big ShowChannelMap.cmp
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