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  1. Oh, I realize now from some older screenshots that it was like this from the beginning. I don't know why didn't I noticed it before. So Mustang really is an ugly stepchild of DCS.
  2. Some Mustang liveries have normal textures, like Desert Rat for example. But some textures are broken, most likely those made later, like my custom livery. It looks like two different textures are overlapping with each other, and some details are missing, like those small grey scratches. But when I look at texture files in Photoshop, everything appears to be right. Also, in this screenshot I made in April of 2021 textures seem ok. So it looks like something happened meanwhile that spoiled custom liveries.
  3. It seems that I gained more confidence after practicing for air show, ace AI Fws became too easy. But I have heard some improvements are expected for the AI.
  4. P-51D Mustang: Short Air Show Program
  5. Also, I've got around 30 FPS in the simulator, and it's even less when I replay the track, with some frames obviously being cut.
  6. Just Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, it's basic and not good quality I know, it is not very precise.
  7. Sure , I was "curious", so I did I small diving test so that I realize how my "settled beliefs" fell apart.
  8. Oh, so the prop controll is permanently linked with the throttle, that is actually very practical. I always do it manually with P-47. I think I remember there was a snap view on the gun sight. But now all ten snap views are just showing the cockpit with FOV 60.
  9. P-51 is almost there, but it's too sensitive, I want to fly more aggressively. Spitfire is nowhere there, it's got poor cockpit visibility, awful gun sight positioned too low, it's too slow, it can't really dive, it's too wobbly that I can't aim a thing. Yes I know I could adjust "saturation", but I like to compare all aircraft to each other the way they are, and if it's a matter of the stick length in real life compared to the length of a joystick, how come P-51 and P-47 and Bf 109 don't have such an issue. Spitfire feels great to fly around, it's like a flying feather, but for dogfight it's unusable to me. Bf 109 allows me freedom of movement, it is both maneuverable and stable. When I want to climb I climb, when I want to dive I dive, when I want to turn I turn, no drama whatsoever, it just flies. It also got ok gun sight, slightly less visibility from cockpit, but still better than Spitfire. But Mustang is still my first choice for general flying and second choice for dogfight.
  10. Oh yes, thank you, I was in a hurry yesterday and was looking in the engine tab instead of the axis tab. I thought LAlt + 1, 2, 3, 4 would both select and fire the flare, but now I realize it is only select, and fire is LAlt + `.
  11. Hi! I have just purchased Bf 109, using the current discount. I own P-51, P-47, and Spitfire, but I wanted a real dogfighter. I have tried Bf 109 like a year ago or so, and I think there was a gunsight snapview, and also I think I could assign throttle to the throttle lever on my joystick, but I can't find these options now in the control panel. Also, it seems that Page Up and Page Down keys don't work for propeller control, and also that flare gun key bounds Left Alt + 1, 2, 3, 4 don't work. Am I missing something? Are these some kind of current issues with Bf 109?
  12. It is a bit better that way for the engine, but I have done some speed tests and found out that way you lose some 20 knots of speed. And speed is one of the advantages of Mustang, so I don't think it is a good idea to compromise it. Still, if you stall Mustang the engine will burn out. And if you fly horizontally the engine will never burn out anyways even on maximum power. I have been testing this option in dogfights these days, and with both radiators open I couldn't zoom from an AI Spitfire, I was barely faster than the AI Spitfire.
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