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  1. Hello Mikhail. Please, add me again to the list to order the collective.Greetings from Spain.
  2. Hello, with this command in the monitor .lua all works ok. thanks
  3. Hello, is there a way to align the sights in multimonitor? the designation reticle is not centered in the main screen
  4. Hello, effectively reverting to the previous version of the program has worked again, but the behavior is erratic, from time to time it hangs and does not respond and I have to restart everything. I have reinstalled the last version and it worked for a few minutes, then it gave the same error message again. Hopefully they will solve it with the new version and more if it will have commands for Petrovih in the Hind. Thanks, again.Sorry by my poor English
  5. Hello, yesterday it worked perfectly but today it is impossible, I get the same error message continuously. Is there any way to fix it?I have tried to do the same as you indicate but doesnt work
  6. Hello Mikhail, Can you add me to the waiting list? Buying from Spain
  7. Hello, I think it has been solved: in addition to uninstalling DCS interface I had to delete the scripts folder. Is this a problem for the installation of the game that this folder is not there? thanks
  8. hello, I have uninstalled the plugin but the same thing keeps happening, I have even restarted and disconnected stream deck or else the same thing keeps happening, the moment the Tpod is ready to use the program freezes and stops working. I attach a track 4YA_Capture_Bases_Persian_Large_v22A-20201216-222151.trk
  9. here a track same situation, same error Weapons_Training_Freeflight_ca_v1.02.256-20201215-220259.trk
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