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  1. Glad that worked out for you too. In my opinion the Apache is one of the easier helicopters to fly in DCS.
  2. It wouldn't i think. I have the reset trim button mapped in the Mi-8/24 and the only case i use it is on the ground! If you are perfectly trimmed for forward flight and press that trim reset button in an Hip or Hind to get you "trimmed for hover" you cant even say <profanity> fast enough before your nose jumped up wildly in the sky.
  3. I had this also in VR, tried to get the circle concentric because that was what Wags said in his YT video but after doing this in VR i saw that my pnvs sight in my ihadss was way off to the right( i think it was right). If i just place the cross in the boresight i'm spot on. I think this might be a bug, because Wags was doing this on 2d(monitor) looks like it works there but in 3d(VR) the cross is only rendered in the right eye and not in the middle of the monitor, this might cause the trouble, just my thoughts.
  4. Can you post a track? That sounds like you're pulling to much collective(to fast?) if you get the rotor low rpm message. I'm using no curves for my inputs, special tab settings see attached picture. After disabling the trim for the rudder i had no more problems flying/hovering the Apache myself, but i have lot of practice in the Mi-8/24. I don't like the trim method where you first have to bring your joystick back to its physical centre, so i use the insant trim method, this is also true for every other helicopter i'm flying in DCS. I attached a track, i don't know if it will replay correct for you or help you at all, please ignore the little sloppy flying, this was quick and dirty done on 2d monitor for recording(will post link after YT processing), i fly only in VR usually. (i attach the video because i have little time right now - YT has not finished processing yet, 360p now should be 1440p after processing) ah64d.trk
  5. I had this once too. I got a rotor tip shot off(damaged) and the ah64 started shaking, did an landing and shut down the engines but the shaking of the pilot kept going on forever without any system being on on the ground. Sorry no track
  6. Nope, but i have no problems if the fps drop to the 30's in VR, i was running an Rift S with an 1080ti for a long time. But i had to increase my page file(2xRAM size on M.2) a couple months ago to be able to keep playing MPwithout DCS crashing. The only thing that is killing my performance(2D/VR) is this bug:
  7. I use only 1 monitor and my VR headset, but the George ai menu is nearly unusable for me(target list is nearly invisible). I don't use any mods, i did a slow repair.
  8. The Ah64 works like any other module on my end in VR, 45fps sometimes more sometimes it drops to the 35's. I don't think this helps the people with performance problems, just wanted to mention that i can't see any performance difference to other modules in VR. DCS PD 1.0 and running 100% native resolution of the G2, DCS settings:
  9. No, i will keep flying the Mi-8/24 and am looking forward to the Bo-105. The Apache is just one under many helos for me.
  10. That sounds like the central trimmer option.
  11. I switched my rudder trim to "pedals without spring and ffb" under the special options tab of the ah64 because i had the same problem, fighting the rudder trim. With that change the ah64 feels much better, just like any other heli in dcs, makes hovering or slow operations very easy for me again.
  12. Yeah but it seems nobody bothered to remove the metal protection cover....could be a Hind of how usefull it is.
  13. I hope it is released asap, not for the Apache itself but for all the bug fixes we are waiting for for all the other modules.
  14. You switch between Chaff and Flare with the "petrovich menu down long" command.
  15. The same happen(s/ed) to the F-18/16 teams. First ED said they both work independant but running into some trouble they admitted that they switched people from one project to the other....
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