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  1. there is no IF. Me262 will be there ... otherwise zombie apocalypse can begin ... that is the only module I am praying for for the last 20 years
  2. thank you for answers gents, but I am not really looking for replacements or work around solutions. Tomcat solves that for me in a nice way, and as I wrote at the beginning some king of music player window like intercom one would be great. Online music service support just bombastic ...
  3. I checked it today in the Tomcat and that is relay great. Fixed folder with audio files but OK.
  4. Hi Yes that is true. But you have to switch between windows. Imagine you are driving your car and your radio is on the roof you have to stop every time you want to change song .... i actually don’t really use keyboard , it is not comfortable together with oculus rift.
  5. Gents, I would like to share this photo album with you. It was wonderful experience to see this bird flying. Engines was replaced so no original sound, but ... PHOTOS
  6. Hah, it is new to me. I will do. Thanks.
  7. HI I really like to fly just for fun and I would appreciate kind of music player, just to hear my favorite music while attacking British coast on the channel map, or just doing some acrobatics.... Action menu could be something like today's intercom menu in L39, that style and entities. That all could be coupled with apple music account or other music service providers. thanks
  8. i am with you guy, DCS needs pilot stamina model Stamina strength could eventually be better for pilots with more flight hours but some upper limit must be there close to average military pilot ...
  9. it is there, search for button on the bottom of the menu
  10. Gents, I do agree, there are still some issues but after 2 decades following and playing DCS ... these clouds are just great, we can forget these flickering dancing chunks. I have finally feeling flying between cloud layers, one can hide in between., you can see how clouds influencing ground shadows and light conditions. wonderful feature is when slowly climbing through cloud layer how cockpit and instrument lightning works....great. Aerial combat in DCS is finally going to be much more realistic. Expect of AIs. These still can see very well even through the cloud S
  11. I noticed circa 20% performance drop down on FPS so with all these new features ... I am satisfied
  12. hi, I tested AFN-2 few days ago without any success. all described errors still there.
  13. a lot of planes deserve its place :) we wont have another just for fun game but proper flight simulator so have to be veeeery patient ... i hurts but it is only way ....
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