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  1. Hmmmmm ok,kind of unfair for us who bought bs1 and bs2 upgrade,and will have to buy again on steam,to use steam program.I mean why not just change our black shark upgrade to black shark 2 so we can activate it on steam?
  2. As the the title guys,can BS2 upgrade be moved to steam?thanks
  3. Hi all,i have a question about installing dcs world.When i have dcs world installed,where do i install other modules.Do i install them in dcs world folder or just let it create a new folder?as i tryed to install dcs black shark in dcs world folder but then dcs world would not launch.Any help would be great.Thanks
  4. Hi all just to let yous know there is a deal on getgamesgo dcs blackshark 2 and a-10 for 18 euro.here is the link http://getloadedgo.com/
  5. Hi all,i just downloaded the traning video for the su-25t,but when i go to play it,i get the error that dcs has stoped working and the game crashes,anyone else have this problem:helpsmilie:
  6. Yea it say,s its activated,can i now install bs2?
  7. No there is nothing,should i install bs2 anyway?
  8. Ok thanks m8,i just have one problem,when i installed bs1 i forgot to click to make a desktop shortcut,how do i start the game as when i click on the launcher in the folder bin,stable i get a .lua error
  9. Also do i need to update bs1 before installing bs2?my black shark 1 is version 1.0?
  10. So where do i install bs1?in the dcs world folder?
  11. I would defo buy the su-25t it would be cool to see it fully moddled.i like the hog but i just love russian planes
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