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  1. Makes me wonder if they aren't maybe understanding the sources correctly. Perhaps there's a difference between the absolute max detection range and maximum RWS range to produce a trackfile. By the time you have a trackfile brick, as others have said, maybe its within that max lock range as the radar return has been processed and filtered by the FCR, and therefore, a lockable return. Maybe the devs are misunderstanding the source thinking that max detection range and max RWS range are the same distance. I don't know, I'm no expert, but I believe there should be some more research done as to why there's the discrepancy we are all seeing and they aren't. Also isn't EDs source manual a Spanish F18A with the APG-65 and not the APG-73 like our mid 2000s Hornet would have?
  2. This problem right here is the single most aggravating thing for me in the F18. It makes me not even want to fly the Hornet because of how bad it makes the radar feel. The fact that I can't reliably STT lock a bandit I'm picking in RWS until I'm some arbitrary 83% of max range just feels terrible. Who would make such a bad desgin in an aircraft? Not that bad designs don't exist, but you would think this would be worked around and updated to not be such a bad limitation. If its realistic, so be it, but man does it make the F18 radar feel absolutely garbage to use and makes not want to fly it anymore. ED, if you can't make it realistic due to some too classified information, at least make it not so terribly anti-user friendly.
  3. Actually, I have a bad performance hit and I play exclusively 2D. I can run almost a steady 144FPS but when I run SimAppPro, my performance tanks to an unstable 60-80 FPS. That's a 55% FPS hit. That is unacceptable and I'm extremely disappointed with Winwings software. I spent literally thousands of dollars on the Super Taurus, Super Libra, and Take Off and Start Up panels.
  4. Yes! Thank you! I swore I used to be able to aero brake properly but it felt like something changed, but I wasn’t sure if I was remembering correctly. @IronMike Is this something you guys at Heatblur could look into?
  5. Is ground handling and take and landing FM something on HB’s radar to fix/improve?
  6. Interesting, so it could be more related to the suspension physics than the flight model? I was wondering if it’s possible the wheel trucks weren’t pitching back enough and causing a nose down force I feel on landing.
  7. Because it’s a realistic technique when landing at airports used to save on brakes and engine wear and tear when a short field effort isn’t required. It’s even listed as a technique in Hearblur’s manual.
  8. Trying to do landings like at 2:45 and currently it feels like no matter how soft I try to touch I can’t do a proper aero brake. It feels like the nose is always forced down after the main gears touch down as of the plane is way too nose heavy. Im able to pull the nose back up after it touches but sometimes trying to pull it up causes me to become airborne again as it takes quite a lot of aft stick to get those back up and when it does start to move, it goes really fast.
  9. This wasn’t caused by the contact firing a missile but caused when I would fire a missile. I think perhaps it’s as @Sideburns said that my own missile launch screwed up the TWS auto logical, possibly following the missile instead of the contacts, and if the WCS is moving itself at a high rate trying to keep the scan volume on the contacts AND the fired missile it might trash the shot and create some very messed up track files. I do agree though, adding RCS to missiles has added nothing of value to DCS and has only detracted from the realistic experience by creating way too many comical situations by people being to use their own missiles as defense systems and spoofing fox 3s by launching and also the monkey wrench it has thrown into all of the radar systems.
  10. No I have not. It seems to do this regardless of what aircraft I fly and haven’t set the binding in any of them.
  11. So right after I updated SimAppPro, whenever I close a DCS mission the lights on the combat and take off panels shut off and I have to go in the simapp and move the light brightness slider to get them to come back on. Any fixes for this?
  12. I’ve never heard of control stick steering in the F14, is that just the attitude hold mode when you engage the autopilot?
  13. Shouldn't be a network issue, I was playing in my single player test mission. I retested again and it didn't happen but I was slightly more offset from the target. I think @WelshZeCorgi is on to something. It seemed like the radar was picking up the missile launches messing with the TWS trackfiles. I'm not sure why it would, but that's what appeared to be happening. I'll see if I can recreate.
  14. I was in the RIO seat and every time I pressed missile launch, it created some very messed up trackfiles. Each ghost you see appeared after I pressed the launch button from the back seat. I had the missile speed gate set to nose. I don't know if this creates some kind of bug. I've never seen this happen before.
  15. Just curious if this is planned at some point.
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