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  1. Yes - the targeting is still independant. If you switch away from Petro (switch away from ATGM's) he will close the sight as it is no longer required. It is pretty simple really.
  2. Changelog has this : Separate commands for OBSERVE ON and OFF added You will need a separate bind for Observe off. Not sure why this was added. Prefer it as a toggle. Regards
  3. Petrovich's target designation is only for ATGM's as they are the only weapons that employ the optical gunsight. When you switch to rockets, gunpods or the 30mm the targeting has nothing to do with Petrovich.
  4. The KA50 has a completely different system for flight due to 2 counter rotating rotors and no tail rotor and the autopilot system. Most helicopters fly differently to the KA50 (or more accurately the KA50 flies differently to all other helicopters in DCS). Always keep movements small to prevent over correction. Use trim once stable - use pitch and roll SAS to help stability.
  5. It doesn't matter if it is not "complete" to me. I really enjoy the Viper. It is what I fly most after the A10. If you like the look of it and are interested in flying it, try it for the 2 weeks for free. If you like it - get it in a sale and have fun. If you are one of those people that get wound up because it is not 100% realistic/complete then you will never be happy with DCS.
  6. If you DMS left long with the HMCS as SOI you will switch it off. Repeat to bring it back on. DMS right short will cycle through the 3 "programs". you may have cycled to one with no SPI, Markpoints etc. visible.
  7. One other thing you could do if you get a JTAC (or buddy lase) code after take off: Set the JTAC laser code as your laser search code Laser Spot Search (LSS) for the JTAC laser - (once in range if you know the target area or have a waypoint there) This will get you the target You can then self lase your bombs to that target Again, only useful if already in the air.
  8. If you boresight one pylon then step to the next pylon you can TMS right to re-handoff the target on the TGP to the new pylon. This also works if you TMS up on the TGP whilst the MAV is out of range (further than 7-8NM typically but depends on height). The MAV will have wide crosshairs and not lock up. Once in range TMS right will resend the handoff without having to TMS down to break lock. On initial press (or after a TMS down) TMS right will give area track on the TGP. If already locked in point track (and have MAVS selected) TMS right resends handoff.
  9. For each Mav pylon do the following: Put Mav into PRE on the WPN page Make TGP SOI Put cursor over target on TGP and hit TMS fwd for point track. The target should have good contrast against the background and preferably be a solo target for ease of locking with the Mav. This should slew the Mav seeker towards target BUT it will not align correctly Make WPN page SOI Slew cursor to same target as TGP and hit TMS fwd At this point you should be able to boresight the pylon with the BSGT OSB on the upper left of the WPN MFD. Once complete the Mav(s) on that pylon will align correctly with the TGP You will need to repeat this with the other Mav pylon. If using MAV H's make sure it is not in Area mode to enable the boresight to occur. If possible do this before getting into the target area as it will take a little bit of time to do for both pylons.
  10. To be honest, you will not get great standoff distance in the A10 with JDAM's. The flight speed is too slow to launch them far enough to be useful for this. If possible have a flight do SEAD for you. Then you can concentrate on the A10 strengths of CAS. If you still want to go toe to toe with a SAM site you could try force correlating MAV H's and launching from around 10NM. If it is too close to get range without the SAM targeting you (or shooting down your MAV's) then I would use terrain to hide your approach and pop up to launch. It is fun and exciting to get in close. Good luck.
  11. The below only works for the A10C-II Not sure if you can input co-ords directly to the JDAM but you can use a steerpoint / markpoint as the target location for the JDAM. Use the JTAC co-ords to create a steerpoint as per Chucks guide. Select the JDAM in the DSMS Select Prof OSB Select CHG SET OSB Just put in the steerpoint unique identifier (eg. MSN1) on the scratchpad and click the SPI OSB Save changes JDAM is set to launch on that steerpoint. You do this for each JDAM individually - or use the TGP to designate a SPI if you prefer. When you select the JDAM with pre-set co-ords slew the TGP to SPI and give it a visual to make sure of your target first. This also works for CBU 103 and 105.
  12. GMan, You dont need to open DCS from within WMR. You do need Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR and SteamVR installed though. When you plug in the headset it should auto start WMR. Open SteamVR (I open mine from a desktop shortcut). Once they are both running I then open DCS and it starts in VR. If I want to do anything without flying (i.e. editing missions) I just open DCS without the headset plugged in. Sometimes the first time I do this it will blackscreen so I kill the process and reopen. It usually opens fine at that stage. Check your WMR settings as well. There are options for audio output there you may need to change. Also check the Headset display page and check your resolution is set correctly - my settings there are : High, 1080p, Best visual quality, 90Hz I also set input switching to Manually switch using windows logo key + Y as I had some issues with the Automatic setting. Hope you get sorted. Regards
  13. TMS up with the WPN page as SOI and you lockup in VIS. Not sure why you would try to select the TGP after you had a target on the WPN page with the MAV in VIS mode. Having the MAV in VIS locks the TGP to the MAV seeker so it cannot be slewed anyway.
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