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  1. Hi, I'm having issues finishing mission 04 with the TOT/VUL times: TOT is 04:45 for my flight but over WP09 or WP08 or another ? I think I'm hitting the AO before the DEAD making things way more difficult. Can you break it down for me how I should time my flight @Bunyap? TO at 0415Z seems way to early. What does SRF-07 stand for in the docs? And DPI? Thanks.
  2. fylzz

    Thick HUD lines

    Does somebody know where I can change the stroke thickness for the F16 ?
  3. Hello, Following scenario : multiple targets close to each other with waypoint set over one target. I designate the waypoint then uncage the mav. Its locking one target. Now I want to shoot at another target close to it : I undesignate then start to slew my seeker. If I'm clumsy and do not release TDC depress right over my target the seeker is not stabilized anymore and it gets real hard to lock anything espacilly if moving because I have to compensate for the aircraft moving. Is this intended ? Track showing the issue attached. Thanks. ground.trk
  4. Maybe as a workaround but I still think this is a bug because it's also doing it right after airstart.
  5. @BIGNEWY did you have a chance to try the track I provided ?
  6. fylzz

    Thick HUD lines

    Ok thanks. I have played around a bit and got some good results. I think the scaling of the thickness is wrong over some resolution.
  7. fylzz

    Thick HUD lines

    This is with brightness already turned down below the bloom effect.
  8. Hi guys, It seems to me that the HUD is drawn way too thick. I'm playing open beta with no mods in 5120x1440. What do you think? Is this a known issue ? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Here you go. hmdshort.trk
  10. The circle around contacts on the HMD is quickly drifting away from the real location of the object. When the object exits and then enters the viewport of the HMD again the position is correct again and then drifts away quickly again. HMD alignment has been properly done on the ground. I have a track but it is 10MB (only like 10 minutes of gameplay with cold start). How can I transmit this file to you ? I suspect same behaviour with ground diamond but have no track for this.
  11. I think there is still a bug in 2.7 where NVG do not work properly when there is no light at all (moon)
  12. Great campaign. Great immersion. I loved it. Lots of differents targets and stuff to do. A must own for all M2000 pilots. The amount of work to this type of campaign must be huge. Hats off! I must say there are some problems with the behaviour of the AI that can lead to frustration but this is more due to the fact that DCS is changing rapidly and it's not possible to test every aspect of the missions after every update. Anyway Baltic_dragon is here to help or sometimes there are workarounds.
  13. I started to drop my own bombs on the objective. Used JTAC menu LASER ON Then SPOT. First Bomb hit the target without problem but then Moonbeam became a "Dumb" Jtac: no laser option anymore for next targets. Of course it is not possible to CCRP an AAA position witout precision weapon and my bombs did not hit the target. My Wingman managed to hit 2 targets ( used "Engage ground defenses") .I don't know if he is simply better than me or if he could catch the laser ;-). The JTAC was not stuck and still responded to " inbound " calls and gave BDA.
  14. After reaching the airbase briefed through radio the F16 did not land. Tried both sides of the runway multiple times inside altitude range from kneeboard ( 3000-5000 feet radar altitude). I tried lower down to 40 feet and higher (9000 feet) without sucess. Had to pass the mission. Also the custom bra calls for the bogey are wrong (used BAD function from bullseye ,this should bring me near it, shouldn't it ?) and I used the F10 MAP. Otherwise nice mission
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