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  1. Well my G2 just showed up. I didn't receive a notice that it shipped... ordered in June.
  2. The old forum was much better... I find myself not wanting to use this, or drawn to this. Maybe its the esthetics, or the fact that it feels sterile with no personality like a business forum and not gamer like. Just my opinion. Either way, I know there is a reason for it... I'm sure we will get used to it.
  3. Amazing videos.! Watching these informative videos really sets the stage for what is to be one of the most exciting modules to date. Thank you for really taking the time to make these as informative as can be. After a few mins I really felt as if you were in a real OH-58 Kiowa cockpit.
  4. That about sums it up! Love the work they are doing!
  5. I think you just described the 8KX :music_whistling:
  6. Waiting for more info from CES on the 8K X. So far looks amazing!
  7. All of these issues reported have caused me to delay purchasing the Reverb until after the New Year. I am now leaning towards the Pimax 8K X after some of the recent videos.
  8. Thanks for posting this!! The 8K X looks very promising!
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