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  1. Hmm ... i'm having a similar issue even with the standard liveries.
  2. When playing in multiplayer on dedicated server, all MiG-21 show up with slovak livery. In singleplayer the liveries are okay. dcs.log.old I verified it with a fresh Saved Games/DCS directory. No modules, etc .... Track and mission file are added. Test-20220512-014410.trk Test.miz
  3. Another track showing the same problem. Ship two flying directly into the ground. suicideF14-B-2.trk
  4. I have a larger mission with a AI two ship F-14B escorting the player. Ship two seperates from lead at altitude and flies directly into the ground. Track is attached. suicideF14-B.trk
  5. Have a look at DCS-BIOS, especially the dcs-lua submodule. That's what most people use for their pits. https://github.com/dcs-bios/dcs-bios
  6. Just putting a bunch of aircraft on a carrier deck leads to blocking of AI aircraft and even to accidents if a AI F-14 respawns next to a F-14. Being able to assign parking slots like on a normal airfield can help to solve these problems. A lua function that returns if a aircraft fits on a parking slot would be nice too.
  7. It would be nice to have server based liveries, so everybody playing on the server is seeing the same.
  8. Took some time to get it in a usable sized track, but i got it. It's quite at the end. Track is ~7MB https://gediegos.de/Renderbug-20220413-231520.trk
  9. Works also with steam if you install the server from ed in parallel. The server installer will detect your steam version and only install the necessary files to run the server in parallel.
  10. Nope, it won't. I have the same issue with the new cable. Same issue here with the G2. It happens sporadically but on a regular basis. I have the latest G2 firmware, latest PC BIOS to fix the USB problems with AMD chipsets, newest RTX driver and the new G2 cable model, but still have this problem.
  11. Hmmm could be that this is "works as designed". Firing weapons is usually prohibited with the WOW (Weight-On-Wheels) sensor engaged. So maybe the faulty gear will cause the WOW sensor to be marked as fail too.
  12. The FLIR image in the F/A-18c is sometimes partially covered by a black rectangle making it unusable from time to time as can be seen in the recording. The behavior seems quite random. Zooming in or out sometimes fixes the issue, sometimes it's stuck.
  13. That's what i thought too, also had to pull some Gs with 4xGBU-10 before, but repair AC didn't fix it.
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