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  1. Vertex Task Force https://discord.gg/PGffDVQJaj About us We are a small and growing DCS community focusing on providing a great experience for all members. Whether you are just starting out in DCS or have been flying for a while, we welcome you! Our goal is to create an active community where you can find a wingman at any time, organize a sortie, or host your own missions/events We mainly fly • AH-64D • F-16C • F/A-18C • A-10C • AV-8B (But everyone is welcome!) If you have experience We are also looking for COs, Flight Leads and Mission Designers!
  2. Hey, does this still work with 2.7?
  3. Can we get the F10 Map to read up too 6067ft instead of just nautical miles? Like the mission editor ruler.
  4. Thank you, I tried to pick out from other mission but there were way too many triggers to decipher what one was the one I needed. I'll check it out thanks!
  5. Does anyone know how to get subcategories in the F10 menu For example Hope that makes sense :thumbup:
  6. Okay I figured out how to get two servers but only can be open at a time ones on 10309 other on 10308 opened both ports. Also one server on my web GUI says the correct name and the other says just server # then some numbers
  7. When I try to run both of them it says Sorry, only one instance per write dir is allowed.
  8. Sorry, Im real new. How do I make a the Server 1 and Server 2? I don't get what they are are they shortcuts or? And also how do I config each one seperatly. From what I understand I only need 1 install for two servers?
  9. Right awesome. Could you explain how to get two instances off DCS running I can't seem to install a second server without issues
  10. Hello, I have a VPS with 2 IP's and enough power to run 2 servers. Is it possible to run 2 servers off of the 1 VPS?
  11. So I just add this as a do script or do I add this onto my respawn script then change the "I-SUB #001" for my unit name?
  12. Hey, so I have added a respawn script to my mission and made it respawn the JTAC Reaper drones, AWACS, and Tankers. This works fine. My issue is I have them all set to invisible and after they respawn they seem to lose the invisible command and then get shot down immediately. Does anyone know how I can fix this so I can have my mission running on my server 24/7 and not have everything shot down by the red AI after it respawns when its set to invisible?
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