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  1. Not every plane needs it. The air required for engine start is provided by the A-10's APU.
  2. For ours, at least, you need an external ecm pod. I also find it odd that the switches are defaulted that way, especially when no pod is loaded.
  3. 160 may be good, and it may not be. Rotation speed will depend on aircraft gross weight and weather conditions. Power setting and pitch angle also play a factor.
  4. The issue in this track is that you have the mavericks in vis mode. If you want to use the mavericks with the tgp they need to be in pre mode. You can cycle through the mav modes by pressing the crusor enable button, or the appropriate osb on the mav display. In vis mode you have to aim and lock the maverick manually. Edit: Another issue is that your mavericks aren't boresighted. I boresighted them on a small house in one of the villages, and after doing that it works as advertised.
  5. I'd need to see a track, then.
  6. Make sure you're in Auto handoff mode on the TGP. The checklist you posted doesn't specify it, but you need that if you want the mavericks to lock automatically. If you're in Manual handoff mode, you'll have to make the mav soi and lock the targets yourself.
  7. @BIGNEWY I can PM you a checklist excerpt showing we use air-to-air tacan for refueling or a pic of our HSI showing the indications we get (i.e. distance but no bearing) with a/a t/r if you'd like.
  8. Yes, everything goes through that radio. Our other radios are used for things like ATC & C2. Even if the ARC-164 failed for some reason, the frequency would still be the briefed uniform frequency. Some jets, like the F-16, have "boom interphone" after a contact condition is established, but that would be pointless in DCS unless/until they make a boom operator minigame.
  9. My thought is that the mission is not designed accurately (in that respect, at least). I think the same thing when people use victor for air refueling frequencies. Our a/r radio is an ARC-164, it's UHF only.
  10. Don't look at the numbers since they may change with altitude. Instead go to external view (active pause on) and look for the fire glow in the engine; that's the beginning of afterburner. I have my throttle set up (not wingwing but the principles are the same) to where afterburner kicks in right after I push past my detent. This corresponds to the sound of the in cockpit detent being pushed through. Note that you may have to select user defined when adjusting your throttle axis in DCS and tweak it to get it exactly where you want it.
  11. That's for the ARC-210s, not MIDS A/B. You're correct that if you are in P you will get only static from someone who is in C, since your radio isn't set up to decrypt the transmission until you also are in C. The C stands for "cipher" if you were wondering.
  12. Current 135 guy here. It hasn't changed. We still use a/a t/r on our tacan and still only give dme. If people want bearing they need a KC-10 or KC-46 now.
  13. You're correct on the meaning of chicks in tow, but the meaning is that OP is cleared to 1 mile trail. If the left wing is clear, though, he could go there (though not while F-16s are being refueled due to the speed difference, (200 KIAS vs 315 KIAS)). This call is somewhat ambiguous, though. Hopefully tanker comms get a rework in the future.
  14. Same for me. The completely coupled approach I got worked fine re: pitchdown, but if I'm using autothrottle without acls the jet drops like a rock and prangs on. Sometimes the hook catches and sometimes it doesn't.
  15. Same here, can't get it in to mode 1 on the datalink. I have good indications up until then, other than the verbal hold dme and the link 4 pointer not really aligning, i.e. told to hold at 23, but link 4 points further out into the 30s.
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