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  1. I too share that dream, but you're pushing it a bit too far eh?
  2. A bit aside from the question, But just wanted to say that you shouldn't buy a complete computer like that from Dell. They are Much more expensive, and when a part needs to be replaced, you really have limited options. For gaming, Always go with AMD over Intel. Trust me, building a computer from scratch seems daunting, yes, but its worth it! Spend some time researching and buy the parts off of sites like Newegg.com or monarch.com. Prices are Much cheaper and you can find some phenomenal deals. If you want to, you could drive over to a local PC shop and ask them to put the computer together for you. They'll set up everything for you in a few hours and you'll be ready to go!
  3. Not a stuck key, as I said, I've even changed keyboards but to no avail. I've looked through my saitek profile and absolutely nothing is binded to The Left Alt in any way.
  4. Ah..Now that you mentioned that, Moose, this skin's colors are all pretty much exactly the colors of the American US flag. Could you imagine how graceful it would look wearing the same scheme, but with the icons of Australia replaced with those of the USA? Brilliant skin, Ice, Hoping you could take this upon yourself and create a version for the US!
  5. Hey guys, Beenawhile, but I finally got LOMAC running more than perfect and thought I had it all going on. But of course, I'm plagued with another seemingly minor problem. After a Few minutes of play, It seems as if the left Alt key becomes continuously activated in some way without me pressing it. It is as if I was holding it down. This poses a problem because As you can imagine, adding an Alt to any key combo completely changes its function in LOMAC. So for example, If I try to lock on with my X52 (which is linked to Tab on the keyboard), it reads it as "Alt-Tab", and Tabs me out of the game! If I hit F1 for cockpit, it removes the cockpit and changes it to HUD only view (which is enabled by Alt-F1). - I've Reinstalled LOMAC, reinstalled my X52 drivers, and reinstalled my TrackIR2 with no positive results. -This does not happen in any other game, Even IL2/PF with Trackir and the X52. -I've swapped keyboards with the one downstairs, yielding the same problem. -It can be temporarily fixed when I resetart the computer, but after another few minutes of LOMAC play, it starts up again and doesnt let up until another restart. This really is a pain in the ****. I've got this magnificent Game so close to perfection, yet something like this is holding me back. Input is appreciated!
  6. Absolutely Beautiful! Saw this skin on the Hornet in RL, was hoping someone would do it for LOMAC. Thats one sharp looking plane!
  7. Oh you got this off of that Hornet Paintscheme? I always thought that it looked brilliant, so thanks alot for this! That is one sharp looking plane! Good work.
  8. Use Cntrl-F11 to undock the camera and enable Free-panning. Just pan and move the camera to wherever you would like. To get it litterally ON the ground, go to the lockon/config/view/view.lua and find the line: "cameraterrainrestriction" and change it from True, to False.
  9. Brilliant! Dobberman, your videos always a nice story behind them in addition to fabulous visuals. When the Su33 was hit, It really brought chills to my spine. Very well done in capturing and portraying the story to the full effect. Hope to see more! :)
  10. Those are screenies from the movie? Looks brilliant! I've always enjoyed your artwork, Mig-Mag. Your skins, photos, movies, and models are top-knotch. One of the premier authors out there. Definitely looking forward to it!
  11. All Airliners already have an onboard APU in the tail, and use them on the ground to power the avionics, lights, and allow the engines to be started. Once they engines are online and the plane has push backed, the APU is turned off, and the plane relies soley off of its engines. Some smaller or older airliners are hooked up to power unit vehicles on the ground instead. In case of an emergency and both engines fail, there is a small fan that deploys under the fuselage, which offers a limited supply of power.
  12. Of course that may solve it, But is there a way to correct this bug without downgrading any options? That would be a real pitty. Ever see how LOMAC looked without Advanced haze enabled?
  13. Of course. The reason why the objects, trees, and such turn invisible at longer distances is to help increase your FPS. Now, with Everything completely solid nomatter how far away, I would imagine the hit to be pretty big.
  14. I too have a 6800GT and in the Su-33 Quick Mission, around the carrier, the Su-33 and the ship is engulfed in this dull shadow. All Light sources are removed. Any ideas?
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