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  1. I couldn’t either. For some reason I’m having a lot of trouble scripting a GCICAP for Syria using the latest Moose. I even went so far as to use the demo script, change all my assets (EWR, CAP zones and squadrons) to the ones in the demo and it still didn’t work. Not sure why.
  2. From the podcast and the newest video, doesn’t sound like it’s that far away from release and I thought I heard or read somewhere that ED has it now for their evaluation or consideration.
  3. Fun episode, but it will make you long for the release of this module!
  4. Just to confirm, does this work with the Valve Index HMD?
  5. I truly do believe the F-15E will be one of the biggest selling modules ever on DCS.
  6. I'm still gonna pick up the Mosquito and to be honest, I'll pick up both the Apache and the Kiowa... I'm just not interested in Russian helos...except for shooting them down.
  7. It's a race, whichever comes first, the Apache or the Kiowa will be a first day purchase for me... the other? We'll see.
  8. Yeah, I actually thought it was going to be a surprise and the Marianas Map would be released with yesterday's patch. Can't wait for this map!
  9. Will this curvature work and/or help for a Thrustmaster stick with a stronger spring... one very resistant to movement?
  10. Brilliant that the Wags video just released has Cyprus in it from the Syria map.
  11. I have been dabbling in the F-14 for the crew aspect... the F-15E is going to be a first day purchase for me... can't wait for this, especially ones with the 335th paint!!!
  12. This thread has made me decide to concentrate on the F-16, plus I'm moving my Thrustmaster Warthog from the center of my rig to a side stick... kinda mandatory once that's done. Not really I know, but kinda. LOL!
  13. Yeah, with my Warthog throttle I assigned the pinky switch to the parking brake, not sure if that's the most efficient or best use of it, but it works for me.
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