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  1. I cannot start the game. The screen just goes blank. What can i do? if you were able to run the game before this problem, then... Rename "DCS" or "DCS.openbeta" folder to Temp in the user folder: C:\Users\User Name\Saved Games\.. and start the DCS game again
  2. Error This error is caused by an installed addon painting or mode. For example, User Files Yak-52 as United Arab Republic Air Force Yak-18A, ca. 1960 causes an error.
  3. The error has been resolved. The error is caused by some aircraft painting patterns. As soon as I deleted them, the phenomenon stopped.
  4. DCS: L-39 Albatros Persian Gulf Map image errors. Does anyone know a solution to the error ? Long bars appear in cabin view.
  5. Hi In the exterior view of the MIG-19, why jump farther and farther? This can be eliminated because this phenomenon does, not occur with other modules.
  6. Yes, he was. Thanks for the help. In the MIG-19 exterior view, why always jump farther and farther? It is possible to eliminate this because this phenomenon does not occur with other Modules. You have advice. And once again thank you very much for your help !!!!!
  7. Hi DCS: F / A-18C Hornet does not accelerate when afterburning is turned on during takeoff. Brake released, I follow the instructional video. Is this a bug? It's like something brakes the machine even when it gets in the air.
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