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  1. I noted that manual available for download is from March 3rd, I believe. Will the manual ever be updated to reflect new features? Just asking.
  2. I saw Top Gun Maverick and was just what I expected. Like the first one, it’s a mix of realism and plenty of parts, that would be harder for someone that knows the subject to believe. A lot of the over the top acting to portray the egos of the pilots. All in all, it’s what you paid for, if you go to see it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not a documentary, so it’s made for all audiences and to excite them as well. You wouldn’t go watch Stars Wars and question if the planet existed, it’s just part of the plot, same here. It’s a great watch, if you approach it that way.
  3. Played this one last night and it was great fun playing from either side as I did try axis and Allies. Keep up the great work Groovy!
  4. I agree, one would think the flight control computer would compensate for this. The F-16 seems be affected the worst by an asymmetrical load out. It’s one of those things I’m not sure about when comes to the real aircraft, but maybe it’s there to add an extra challenge.
  5. All right, the Wolfpack in action. Just got the Anton, I like it.
  6. I’m flying the A-10, to get ready for how hard I know it will be and how many hotas commands I will need to remember. It’s gonna be fun when it comes out. The way I figure it, when you see the cold start video, it will be more than likely close to release. I appreciate the hard work and the commitment to getting it right before releasing the product.
  7. Wow, that was it. I thought I tried all directions on the countermeasures switch. Thanks again, I appreciate your help.
  8. Seems like after the last patch the ECM pod won’t go active when you hit the CMOS right command. Still troubleshooting, but it seems to an issue.
  9. I have paid for the Apache in advance, but I say, the more complete state it is in, the better. I’m willing to wait until it’s in the early access state ED outlined. So far ED has done a great job with their products, so I’m sure it’s better to wait. If it drops this month, I’ll be happy, but I can wait.
  10. These are my go to guides and I recommend them to everyone I speak to! I keep Chuck's guides up on my second monitor, whenever I'm in DCS.
  11. I tried attacking Schnell boats with rockets and ended up going back to the four 20mm in the nose. Worked just fine .
  12. Since the update, I have noticed this as well. I was flying the F/A-18 and half the screen would go black. Moved my head around or go to outside view to clear it. Looks like the patch may need a patch.
  13. One other thing to think about to avoid this, is rather than diving at high speed, use your collective to control your altitude, when possible.
  14. Thanks Chuck! It’s my go to for everything DCS!
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