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  1. Hi. I'm using a Pimax Artisan which uses Pitool and steamVR API for DCS at the moment. Would it be possible to use the OpenXR mod without having to use WMR? SteamVR shows OpenXR as runtime atm, so Pitool might probably be compatible.
  2. Hi there. Does anyone still use Pitool without SteamVR? I tried everything I could find, launching DCS from Pitool, uninstalling SteamVR, installing Oculus Drivers, commands,... nothing to get it going with.
  3. Hi. I tried this but it didn't work for me. Do you have to uninstall SteamVR for that purpose or can you simply deactivate it somehow? How does DCS know which driver to use?
  4. There is a historic report exactly with this topic: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190-A-8-boost-15-03-44.html
  5. +1 just for historical correctness! "Focke-Wulf's Technical description No. 284 Fw 190 A-8 Fighter from 30 November 1944 notes the following: Increased emergency power: Starting from July 1944 all Fw 190 A-8 aircraft will be equipped with "increased emergency". By overridding the supercharger boost regulator, boost pressures are increased at take-off and emergency power in low supercharger setting from 1,42 ata to 1,58 ata and at the high supercharger setting from 1,42 to 1,65 ata. Thus an increase of speed up to 13.6 mph (22 km/h) is obtained with low supercharger operation and up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) with high supercharger operation. The maximum operating time for increased emergency is limited to 10 minutes due to thermal reasons. (Ab Juli 1944 werden sämtliche Flugzeuge der Baureihe Fw 190 A-8 mit "erhöhter Notleistung" ausgerüstet. Durch Eingriff in den Ladedruckregler wird der Ladedruck der Start- und Notleistung im Bodenladerbetrieb von 1,42 ata auf 1,58 ata, im Höhenladerbetrieb von 1,42 ata auf 1,65 ata heraufgesetzt. Hierdurch wird ein Geschwindigkeitsgewinn bis 22 km/h bei Bodenladerbetrieb und bis zu 25 km/h im Höhenladerbetrieb erzielt.; (sich Flugleistungen Bl. 15). Die höchstzulässige Betriebsdauer für erhöhte Notleistung ist aus thermischen Gründen 10 Minuten begrenzt.) The following units began to convert to the Fw 190 A-8 in April 1944: I./JG 1, II./JG1, I./JG2, III./JG2, I./JG11, III./JG 11, I./JG 26, II./JG26, I./JG 300." (http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190a8.html) Already operational aircraft have been reequipped with this system more than likely since the modification was really minor and the need for it was desperate. td284.pdf
  6. Ok, I finally found out now what causes the fps loss at least on my system: 1. Reflections in the canopy glass (and possibly on other glass surfaces too) that have been introduced with 2.7. When I switch to external view or emergency release the canopy, the performance increases immediately. Changing to a clear class mod brings no improvement, so the textures cannot be the issue. I hope that there will be an option soon to switch that off! 2. The new clouds. When I change the clouds in the mission editor to "nothing" there's no difference in fps. But when I reduce clouds density to 0, there's an immediate performance gain. I assume that the new clouds textures overflow my VRAM, since without clouds the VRAM usage is at about the same level as in 2.5 with clouds. An option to switch back to the old clouds textures or to reduce textures quality to lower than "low" would possibly help a lot of people. These 2 effects have about the same performance impact for me. If I eliminate both I'm back on the performance that I had in 2.5.6.
  7. Is there a way to get rid of those mirroring effects of cockpit elements in the canopy glass? This wasn't present in 2.5.6. If I switch to external view, the performance drastically improves. The same happens if I emergency-release the canopy. I also tested a clear glass shader mod - no major increase in performance => so the glass texture itself cannot be the reason. Mirrors are set to "OFF" in my graphic settings.
  8. @BIGNEWY Can we have a statement from ED on this topic please? Most of the users are reporting at least the same performance with update 2.7 but some still have massive performance drops. Some have managed to get back to a reasonable performance level by lowering their graphic settings, but for some DCS 2.7 is still unplayable! Figuring out my system setup in this thread with @Flappie (thanks for that btw.) and weired behaviour of DCS when changing ingame resolution proofed, that their must be some kind of bug inside 2.7 which does not effect everyone! The issue cannot be the users system specs or setup!: That 2.7 now went stable shows, that ED doesn't really take the problem seriously. Is there still an efford from ED side to fix that bug or will the loss of customers just be taken into account?
  9. I'm definitely not. GPU utilization is at 99% (in fullscreen). It appears to me that 2.7 always renders at high resolution (1920x1080?). If that's your native resolution (which I assume for most people is) you'll not see a major performance difference compared to 2.5.6. If you set a lower resolution then the GPU would have to sample it down. But like I said, that's just a guess from what I see on my rig...
  10. Yes, here you are. Export.lua Btw, the error Code dxgui_win_adapter... wasn't present anymore in the last log files.
  11. Yes. Its a gaming laptop Monitor. Is there a possibility to test/fix that?
  12. No improvement with the last update for me. But I found something that may explain why some people see fps drops in 2.7 and the majority doesn't. I set different ingame resolutions and would expect to see a decrease in fps with increasing resolution: DCS 2.5.6: 1280x768: +30% fps compared to 1600x900 1600x900: native resolution of my monitor 1920x1080: -30% fps compared to 1600x900 DCS 2.7.2: 1280x768: same fps as 1600x900 1600x900: native resolution of my monitor 1920x1080: same fps as 1600x900 To everyone that still sees massive fps difference between 2.7 and 2.5.6: - Which resolution are you running at? - Do you have the same result when setting different resolutions?
  13. "DXGUI_WIN_ADAPTER: ChangeDisplaySettings failed! Result is -1" is the most probable source of the issue also in my mind. IMO there must be some kind of bug in 2.7 that does not effect everyone. I would still bet my money on some kind of resolution related problem...
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