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  1. Definitely saw some problems testing in multiplayer last night. Seems related to the comms issues you can see in MP, since ACLS is so dependent on the comms tree right now. We were never able to achieve a condition where 2 players each pushed on time, and both had ACLS guidance in the form of Mode 1 annunciated on the DDI, and a tadpole. It always occurred that one of us got the guidance and not the other (and it wasn't always whoever was first.) ... and then there's the pitch-down in the wires. I'm curious; has anyone had a successful coupled Mode 1 approach to an arrested landing, truly hands-off? In all our testing, every time one of us managed a coupled approach, it ended in a bolter even though the approach put us right in the wires... because the erroneous pitch-down in ground effect meant a flat touchdown. The only way we found to make this work was some stick-back input to counter the pitch down (normally on a handflown approach you'll add power in response to this and that counters it enough to result in a hook up, but that doesn't seem to happen automatically on a coupled ACLS.)
  2. This has been much better since the last track. I actually don't remember having an issue with my wingman since the latest patch, but occasionally other AI have gotten stuck. It's worth noting that this was specifically a multiplayer bug (like AI wingmen refusing to refuel when instructed) and so you have to ensure you're playing the track back on a multiplayer server to see the issue - it won't exist if you play the track back in singleplayer.
  3. Probably. My guess is that all these issues with both player and AI aircraft getting stuck on the cat in multiplayer are related. (My subjective take is that it seems improved but not fixed after the last update... I've still seen AI logjams at the cats shutting the boat down.) Unfortunately, the same cycle seems to play out: 1. Users report the bug. 2. A community mod states that a track is required. 3. Tracks are provided. 4. Community mod states that they cannot reproduce the bug, and cannot view multiplayer tracks. But that's where the problems occur... ... so the vibe from ED right now seems to be that this is simply unfixable, because their own recording tools are unable to record bugs in multiplayer for later analysis. Or perhaps it would just take more resources than they care to devote to it. Either way, the final step: 5. Problem goes back to being ignored by ED and cursed by the rest of us, until a new report is made on the forum. Then GOTO 1.
  4. Entirely normal to end up left of course if you're not correcting for it. The carrier is moving, and because the landing area of the deck is angled, the runway is always moving to your right. You need to either establish the correct crab for this, or make continuous corrections to the right. Both needles get more sensitive as you get closer, so you've gotta be very gentle with your corrections as you get closer. Couple degrees of heading, and very gentle power adjustments for glideslope.
  5. Prior to the latest patch, AI Hornets in a multiplayer mission would often fail to be recognized and launched by the cat crew, leaving them to block the cat and/or (on waist cats) foul the deck for the entire mission. It's been an issue for well over a year. Cautiously optimistic it's been fixed or at least dramatically improved by this latest patch though...
  6. Yep, could be, I see that. Great. Oh well, glad it's not just me....
  7. Same way. You'll have to view your track file and then press LAlt + F9 to go to LSO view. You can see the PLAT cam there. The problem is that things often get de-syncyed in track replays, and it's an exaggerated problem here because both the carrier and the aircraft are moving. The reality is, you can watch the same track file 3 different times and see three different passes... and maybe none of them resemble your original pass ;).
  8. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this or if it's on my end. The last few missions I've flown (so I guess on today's Open Beta and the previous one), I have a fast, short-period bouncing or vibrating in my view while I'm on deck. It's noticeable while taxiing to a cat. Gone once airborne. Anyone else seeing this?
  9. Thanks... although after some testing tonight, from what I'm seeing this bug might be fixed (at least as it involved Hornets.) Pure AI flights, and AI wingman of a client lead, all got off the boat reliably every time, no matter how I tried to confuse them haha. So, looking promising... thanks!
  10. @Flappie My track contains 4 aircraft: an S-3B that starts airborne, and a flight of 3 hornets with one client slot on the boat. Did you play my track file on a dedicated multiplayer server?
  11. All I want: this, and the ability to actually get aircraft off the deck in some sort of reliable manner. And yet multiple bug reports with dirt simple tracks of the launch bugs are being ignored... https://images.app.goo.gl/dcxM5Sg85QLFzGTa7
  12. We... sim for different reasons.
  13. And my track is here... nice and short, shows both my AI wingmen stuck at cats. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/295282-ai-wingmen-still-wont-launch-in-mp-after-317-patch/
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