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  1. +1 on this. Required disk space for the dedicated server has been becoming really annoying after every big update for past year. Its not always so easy to add a HDD to the server, and often costs money. I have a 2TB HDD but still, if one day I'd want to downgrade my server I can't because of the unnecessary maps' sizes. Falklands alone -> 40 GB Marianas, The Channel, Normandy, Nevada, Persian Gulf total -> 68 GB I never host a mission on these terrains and don't plan to do so. It'll be really nice to have those optional
  2. +1 to this, especially some units are just invisible in FLIR imaging which makes creating night missions a huge pain. Would love to have this to both late activation units and normal ones.
  3. Its the same "as in they are still too easy" ≠ its the exact same "as in nothing changed" I appreciate the work been going on lately and its obvious that some of the problems have been improved. However, there are still problems as I've posted another track, and some others also did. Is it better? yeah, it's not going completely trash after simple turns. Is it good as it was before (early to mid 2021)? definitely not imo. Again, I and many others appreciate the last update as it made 120s somewhat better in certain scenarios. But, they are still too easy to evade, especially at low altitude and even in extremely close ranges. I will post more tracks later on, have my final exams going on atm and can't get on it much. Meantime, please watch the .trk and the video I've posted yesterday. Thanks again for the work has been going on.
  4. Kindly reminding y'all to stay on-topic and not to break forum rules. And thanks for the support, comments and tracks. I will continue posting tracks here, same tests and some different ones. And again inviting everyone to post tracks To ED : As I said in my 1st post, problem is not simply the doppler gate. It is the guidance. And it got broke after you pushed an update 1 year ago. And you don't have to be missile expert to know that a radar can distinguish a target within 1.5nm flanking hot aspect from the ground clutter. And at high altitudes, it can ignore the ground clutter at 30k MSL while target is just 5nm ahead of it. No rants, no insulsts. We just want things to change, as I will actually stop playing and will look for other games in a month or so. Again reminding, stay on topic and post tracks people
  5. OB (18.05 Latest Patch) - Weapons. AIM-120. Fixed tracking issues due to wrong reference range gate choice when target locked. 1st test, going to do some more later today but don't have much time atm. Close range low alt shots, can be seen in the vid and the .trk sum: I think its still the same 2.trk
  6. We fixed this by fresh windows installation. Tried every other method but none of them did not do anything, so if you guys can not fix, have the fresh windows install as a plan B.
  7. Another 5 tracks from me. This time focused on just manuevering instead of notching, but AMRAAM wants to be notched anyway 1- 5.5nm shot at 15k MSL, co altitude. No notch, ecm or draining its energy. Only chaffing and turning. I think we can all agree such range was pretty lethal with old amraams. 2- Diving against a low-to-high launch with 4k alt seperation. 4.81nm Not leading it into the ground or using chaff. 3- Another dive against lo-high, 3k alt seperation, 4.64nm. Using chaff. 4- 15k MSL co altitude, 5.5nm shot. Dive with chaff. 5- Can't remember exact parameters but some dive stuff again. Similar to 3rd. Hot aspect in all tests, and AMRAAM always had plenty of energy to be able to manuever and hit. Leaving the tracks : lo-hi dive no chaff.trk dive 3.trk dive 2.trk mid alt - chaff + turn.trk mid alt - dive + chaff.trk
  8. Thank you all for the support and the comments. In the meantime I'd like to point out this for the good of everyone : This thread is for AIM-120 being broken. Meaning any kind of comparison of it with other missiles, discussing other bugs of other missiles or systems and arguing it's how it should be is totally irrelevant to topic. So, please do not go off-topic. Moderators will lock the thread if it goes too off-topic, and that is not something we'd like. We need threads like this to live long and close if things actually get fixed. Note to forum moderators and ED about this -> DO NOT close or move this thread, until it gets actually fixed and verified as so. It is a bug report with tracks. If this gets locked, I'll not get tired of creating new ones. Another thing. I know many of us are frustrated, and know that I am as frustrated as you. But, if we break forum rules, it'll be a reason for moderators to bring this thread down. So please do not do that. Critisise the product, harshly if you want, but within the rules. If you disagree with whats being said here, and you think missiles are fine, please go and create your thread to debate it there. It does not cost money or anything else and would free us from unnecessary waste of time, as it has been discussed numerous times before. And again, I am inviting all competitive players to send tracks here, or on new threads. I will also post some more tracks with different launch conditions and will post the .miz to here for anyone else wants to give it a try.
  9. My video pretty much explains my and many other people's frustration. AMRAAMs are broken. There is also other missiles broken, but AMRAAM is worst imo. If someone tries to tell me its working good, please watch the video or tracks beforehand. And if u insist on telling that, please leave the thread. AMRAAM guidance logic has been broken since the INS update that came in late 2021. ED then said it is a new wip model : + It is broken. Definitely not working properly and you don't need many people to test it. Can be seen in 1 min of gameplay. - It's a wip feature. Thats why open beta exists + You released this to stable as well? - It's WiP and team is aware. More updates to come This what's been going on for months. I've made 3 quick tests. 1- Notching WITHOUT RWR. RWR was turned off, no datalink or radar contact, no labels. This one was for people who think RWR is to blame. Yes, RWR in DCS might be too perfect, agreed. But this is not the reason 120C-5 being too easy to notch. See my tracks and video for this. You don't need the precise bearing indication that your RWR gives you. In fact, you don't even need an RWR. 2- Notching with RWR, low altitude, hot aspect, flat terrain and short range. Pretty much explained this already. No terrain to hide behind or break LoS. Just an easy notch inside 5nm. 3- Notching with RWR, high altitude, hot aspect, and short range. This one was for people always saying it misses because of altitude. Here you go. 30K MSL, 8nm shot and an easy notch. I haven't been enjoying the time I spent in DCS for months, and that was a reson I gave a break and only playing for competitive matches. Everything buggy, everything is broken and I can't see anything changing. I was a supporter of ED for years, and still want the best for both ED and us. If nothing is going to change, there is no point of spending another penny for anything from DCS. Do something that makes sense. Give us a roadmap or state report about what's going on. Said before in another thread, repeating this : It was fine back in time. At least revert to late-2020 missiles if its possible. They were decent enough to enjoy. Meanwhile, devs could work on new missiles and if you need testing, theres many people would like to join CB and test it. But if you want to test something that is not worth to play, please do it in CB. Dropping my tracks and video (of tracks, for lazy people who do not want to dl the tracks and watch it in game) Archer out. As always, Im hoping for changes. And reminder : This is not a rant or insult to ED. As a customer, this is my critisism about something I've paid for, while wanting the best for ED and myself. lowalt NO RWR notch.trk lowalt notch.trk highalt notch.trk
  10. My friend also has this problem. The same problem on open beta. Updated GPU driver and Win10, got rid of all mods and did a clean install but it's still going. I can fly with free Su-25T and TF-51 fine but when I try to hop into another aircraft it crashes back to desktop. I also removed CA and only have F-16C installed right now but can't get into the cockpit. dcs (2).log
  11. Fair point. I said PvP because whenever I try to say something about broken missiles some guy pops up and says "what is wrong its just fine bots can kill me easily with amraams?" Whether pvp or pve, 120s are garbage and definitely needs to be fixed. Can't believe why there were almost no topics about them meanwhile all other lower priority things getting taken care of.
  12. +1. Theres really no point of discussing if its realistic or not, because even for an arcade, current state is unacceptable imo. Hoping to see ED to take this seriously and listen what PvP players say at some point.
  13. Is it possible for them to just revert to old amraams if thats a thing? I understand it's open beta (although broken amraams are also in stable) but its been really long with these problems. If we could just get the old amraams at least we could enjoy literally only thing we do in DCS. Meanwhile team would work on new amraams and if they need testing they always have the cb testers (Late 2020 versions is what I mean by old amraams) @BIGNEWY
  14. To put in some more flavor : Many broken things with amraams in a single round, very easy to reproduce in fact it always happens. Mind the altitudes, ranges, and aspects. Back in old amraams these ranges were horribly lethal. Tacview 2022.05.01 - (streamable.com) ?? no description, just found it funny how these amraams can do this (launching to jettison them, without radar lock or memory guidance) Tacview_2022.02.18_-_17.18.17.10 (streamable.com) PvP in DCS has been really annoying for a long time, kinda started with phoenix desyncs and all. After many months, and many reports, its still being said there is nothing wrong with missiles and we can't see any improvement. Even though patch notes sometimes include fixes or adjustments, nothing changes. Im getting tired of saying "I hope they'll fix it" and kinda getting tired of being patient. This is not an insult. I and probably many others just want the best for both ED and us.
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