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  1. Happened to me a month ago. I heard the bingo warning going off too soon and realized I had a leak. Unfortunately I can't remember if I had a master warning light or if I read it from needles were the leak was located, but I was actually able to isolate it with the fuel management switches and preserve the last 3000 pounds to take her home. For me it was a FWD/AFT management problem. Again, it was an instinctive reflex, and I'm not at PC right now so I can't tell you my exact actions, but it seems to me it actually is possible to control it.
  2. It should always retrieve the correct ground ASL elevation with elevation "0" based on wp coordinates and internal map database / gps data, can't remember right now. Doesn't it work for you? I'm sure it works for A-10 and F-16, i thought it was an Hornet behavior too... can't test it rn
  3. Hsi -> data -> cycle to WP -> UFC -> ELEV -> FEET -> Input "0" -> ENTER?
  4. Pantera93


    Map? Temperature? Pressure? Ground altitude? Everything seems to come into play now. Higher temp lowers engine performance, I had your same parameters in the Gulf at 40 C°. While in caucasus at 15 C° I can reach up to 20500lbs
  5. Hi @Toni Carrera Sorry if it took me so long, but here is a simple version of a mission with a 6000 feet altitude control with message loops every 10 seconds for both lower and higher conditions. Trick here was to use 6 repetitive triggers and 6 flags. Let me know if it is what you were looking for (you can change the tomcat with whatever plane you like) Fly safe! TEST_ALTITUDE.miz
  6. Hi @Toni Carrera Yes, flag off should set a flag to false, flag on to true. Is it working? I could share a sample mission to you tomorrow, with the added "10 second" interval. Also, note that altitude value is read as meters, you should do the conversion by yourself should you need feets.
  7. I would use 2 flags and 2 triggers Trigger 1 activates when player is above 100 agl AND flag 1 is true. It shows a message, sets flag 1 to false and flag 2 to true. Trigger 2 activates when player is below 100 agl AND flag 2 is true. It shows a message, sets flag 2 to false and flag 1 to true. Set both as repetitive actions, it should show messages only once every altitude "switch"
  8. Seems groupId is optional and only used on ground groups. You should only use value EPLRS = { id = 'EPLRS', params = { value = 1 } }
  9. Same here, every radio comm towards AI "service" is broken, both in F-16 and F-18. I can see the radio transmission "blink" as if I'm transmitting, but no message appears from me and no response from Tanker / AWACS / Flight / ATC / JTAC / ...
  10. Flaps to Half and Gear Down. ATC engaged will keep on speed AOA for the glide slope you are at the moment you press the button. You can adjust slope by pulling or pushing the stick (trim does not work for me)
  11. Just started Dogfight instant mission and found out I couldn't pitch. Went to the axis and it is marked red. I tried to reassign everything but it won't work. Any hints?
  12. Seems the same thing it happens to me every time I restart my PC. Pause game, Unplug device, wait the relative upper right prompt and plug it back. Do a full rotation on the axes and double check their functionality on the adjust control menu. Unplugging and pluggin back should solve the "stuck" roll. It could be related to what we asked for here
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