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  1. Hello, you can find answers of all of your questions in the unofficial FAQ posted on the Razbam discord. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544231925263630336/941078615641165824/Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf We're getting the -229 and the radar is the APG-70 I dunno about the performance but it's discussed in the CFT removal thread.
  2. Latest ACE podcast related to the South Atlantic map and F15E: Talks about the F15E start around 32' minutes. It might be released in 2022 according to Razbam.
  3. New video showing the A/A radar posted on the official discord: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544231925263630336/964550382502150174/Digital_Combat_Simulator_2022-04-15_16-50-02.mp4 Firing 2 AIM-120B at 2 enemies
  4. I just did a quick research on the internet and it seems that fly-by-wire comes only for the more recent model like the F15QA/SA and the F15EX.
  5. Last stable patch was early january, I guess we will have the next one in a couple of weeks.
  6. They are focusing on the A/A radar first and then they will move into the A/G one. The pace of informations we are receiving is quite nice. I'm very optimistic to see it released in EA this year.
  7. They've gathered experience with their previous module, they don't have to start from scratch anymore. As far as they have all the needed docs for this bird I'm not that concerned about the time it will need to get a flyable A/G platform like the F15E.
  8. Lots of Raz F15E footage in the last ED video. Can't wait to fly it
  9. They have not showed a video of the system working yet so it would be crazy to open the pre-order next month. But we can expect a video soontm
  10. I was just trying to look at it and see if there were new stuff on the pipeline I hope it's temporary.
  11. It has been fixed in stable, at least not in our end.
  12. @lambo93 We switched back to stable after the issue we got with the ob and I can confirm the same problem. The problem must come from ED's central server.
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