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  1. That is interesting, do you have a source for that information? Any articles or books, I would like to read more about that.
  2. Hello I want edit the engine data of the E-2 Hawkeye to immitate a Yak-144. In other words I want to add more power to the engines since the D-27 has 10,290 kW vs 3,800 kW of the T56-A-427. What does the varibales mean and which units are used? The engine data looks as follow of the E-2 in the LUA file: engine = { Nmg = 60.00001,--67.5, MinRUD = 0, MaxRUD = 1, MaksRUD = 1, ForsRUD = 1, type = "TurboProp", hMaxEng = 19, dcx_eng = 0.0144, cemax = 1.24, cefor = 2.56, dpdh_m = 3000, dpdh_f = 3000, table_data = { [1] = {0, 75395.9, 75395.9}, [2] = {0.1, 74143.8, 74143.8}, [3] = {0.2, 61765.6, 61765.6}, [4] = {0.3, 51900.8, 51900.8}, [5] = {0.4, 43773.3, 43773.3}, [6] = {0.5, 35854.2, 35854.2}, [7] = {0.6, 29229.2, 29229.2}, [8] = {0.7, 24312.3, 24312.3}, [9] = {0.8, 20719.3, 20719.3}, [10] = {0.9, 16500, 16500}, }, -- end of table_data }, -- end of engine
  3. The Kuznetzov has the Svetlana S-23N emergency barrier installed, nickname "Hope". The image below was taken during the sea trial 1989.
  4. Currently we have several small threads about the Kuznetzov. I would like to ask if these can be merged into one sticky thread. The Kuznetzov community is very small but should not get lost between all other us carrier threads.
  5. So if you already add J-15 and the Type 001 carrier (CV-16), you should also add Type 002 (CV-17). Not to forget some carrier aviation like: J-15D and some chopper.
  6. Currently Su-33 pilots can use the Kuznetzov without limitations. Will that change with the DCS:Supercarrier module? Do I have to buy the module to fly carrier mission on the Su-33? I mean russia only have one carrier, so there is no alternative, like for the US carriers. Okay so when I have to buy the module then I want a DCS:Tug and some replacement arresting wires included. Not to forget some "Без сварки!" stickers.
  7. I think ED decided to add L370 DIRCM & Iglas for two reasons: * 1st It makes the Ka-50 module more attractive for players, which means more $$$ * 2nd These additions are not too far off from reality. If the Russia MoD had decided to go the Ka-50 way it would get these systems for sure. The Ka-52 integrates them already. I think there is nothing wrong with it, the systems will work as realistic as it could get, even if the context is fictional. But as a whole it makes sense. On the other hand it shows that ED is flexible enough to allows "what if" content to some degree, maybe we get the canceled soviet aircraft super carrier 1143.7 Ullyanovsk (just dreaming).
  8. May this helps -> https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/su-27-flanker It was a great game! I ordered the box version last week with printed map.
  9. Where is the MAC update? This was 5 newsletters ago. Did I miss smth? How long does it take to write down 5 lines of what has been done in the last year with some WIP screens? Sometimes its better not to tease people, if you can't deliver. ED please improve your communication strategy! ;-)
  10. @Hawkeye60 where did you find this sky-jump does it work?
  11. Cool you guy's looking into it! If you post the EDM file i try to figure out how to register it as a static model in the lua files! Interesting that not all planes could use the ski jump you mentioned. Did they go thou the 3d model / ignore the collision model of the ski jump? I hope the DCS engine changed since your last attempt.
  12. Dear 3d modelers, maybe someone of you has the skill and time to model a NITKA sky jump as static object? It would be great to train takeoffs (yes it is possibe from the Kuznetzov too) for us Su-33 and Harrier pilots on existing airfields. Maybe it's fun for others too since the several other types where tested on sky jumps as well: MiG-27, MiG-29, Su-25, Su-27S, Su-27UB, J-15, F-14A, F-18 (yes its true), F-35, inline skater. Here are some pics for reference of the NITKA / Saki sky jump on the crimean penisula.
  13. When the current graphic engine EDGE was announced (6 years ago) several videos were floating around of other applications that use the same engine. AVIA TS use it for there Mi-8 simulator, Belsimtek was involed in the development too, if I remember correctly. So maybe Belsimtek is working on Afghanistan now. Here are some videos showcasing the Simulator and EDGE. Anyway as least it can be considered as "what if”. q1vkbQoPeiQ[/YouTube] sxYrCJNMGnU[/YouTube]
  14. Source: https://naval-flanker.livejournal.com/23505.html
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