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  1. The current missile is from A to T, but there is also HPRF reminding M that we do not need to continue to maintain the radar.
  2. Hi, first of all thanks for your contribution. but i have a question After connecting to the server, my microphone is not smooth, how can I fix it? Here is my test video:https://www.bilibili.com/video/bv1aB4y1y7oj
  3. Can I choose not to carry the M4 in the cabin? Some people like it, some people don't like it, can it be like the F-16 can choose the color of the cockpit glass, and can choose whether to carry it or not.
  4. Great quest, I want to translate the prompts in the quest into our language and play with my buddies, is this authorization allowed?
  5. If you only focus on a few airplanes, how high the picture quality is, and make a few maps every year, then no one knows when the new game production team will release a new flight simulation game. They will surpass others with more gameplay as a selling point.
  6. I know that changing planes is indeed a way to shorten the time, but all the planes in my mission have random questions added. After the change, he still needs to check whether the plane is in good condition or reduce maintenance time.
  7. If the current aircraft is not set random problems will occur, and most players will not pay attention to the inspection before the aircraft takes off. Even if the random problem of the aircraft is set, no matter whether there is a problem or not, I can directly repair it after entering the aircraft. I only need to wait for 180 seconds. I recommend: 1. The pilot reported the problem after self-check. Multiple choices are allowed for the problem, and the ground crew will increase the repair time according to the problem. 2. If the pilots do not check by themselves but let the ground crew directly repair, the repair time will be longer than the time for all the problems of the aircraft, and players are encouraged to maintain it by themselves.
  8. It may not be suitable for the game experience to distinguish according to the country. I think it is the most reasonable to distinguish according to the club.
  9. Since the super carrier came out, the lights of FC3 have gone wrong.
  10. DCS WORLD自定义声音设置 - 哔哩哔哩 (bilibili.com)
  11. i think this is correct. I bought the product and how to use it is my business. This is not an open world online game. How to use what function is the task editor or administrator's decision.
  12. This is a discussion of the reality function to solve my doubts about the lack of communication modules How many communication modules are there on F16C bl50? How is communication between groups? Is it through VHF?
  13. I'm very happy to see that it will be revised, but I am not happy. Everyone has feedback for so long to make changes now. I don't know if FC3 also includes the August update.
  14. Does F16C have the function of automatically switching the navigation point? I tried to change the STPT to AUTO but it seems useless.
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