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    Items FS

    Some still for sale >>>
  2. For which HOTAS do you need them for ?
  3. Ive put it up on EBAY. Will ship overseas !!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/174340331368?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. Bolt-1

    Items FS

    It's in great condition. I've owned it for about 4 years. We all know how expensive it is to replace these items so I taken very good care of it . the buttons and axis's work with no issues. And the grease has been replaced in the stick before I placed it back in the box. There are no mods to it
  5. Bolt-1

    Items FS

    Thrustmaster Cougar with Viper Gear VFS installed in stick and Viper Gear CMUK (throttle) not installed Will come with original gimbals and pots. Shipped in original box with CD and manuals - $550 Set of Foxxmounts with bases for Cougar - $125 Reasonable Offers will be considered. Please do not lowball me !!! We all know what they are worth..... Plus shipping costs (your choice of how you want it shipped) Sorry to you guys overseas this is CONUS only. Ill accept paypal or if you live close enuf and would like to meet ill accept cash Please PM me with any offers Thanks Sale is back on !!!
  6. I just bought the SC and CA. I fired up DCS to install through Module Manager. And I see this. Y is it asking me to install SU-33 when i already own it through FC3 Is there something new going on with the flanker we dont know about. Or is this needed to intergrate the SC with DCS World ?
  7. Flew LOMAC for quite a while in SP then joined into the MP experience when it felt right. First vFW was the VIRTUAL 9TH AIR FORCE in 2007...
  8. I know shipping isnt cheap, but. im interested in taking the whole list of spare parts.
  9. Cant wait for this to be placed on an axis setting to regulate it If possible
  10. Im pretty sure DCS loves your wallet
  11. This was long overdue... Old system was. I5-2500K @ 4.4 on H100i GTX Asus P8P67 Deluxe 32 GB DDR3 1600 G Skill EVGA GTX 970 FTW W7 Pro New system is I-5 9600K @ 4.6 on new H100i Pro (RGB) Asus TUF Z390 Gaming pro 32 GB DDR4 3200 G Skill Samsunc 970 Evo plus Pcie M.2 NVME SSD MSI 1070TI Gaming X (OC'd) W10 Pro New PSU on its way (modular) Samsung Oddesy Plus VR What an amazing difference this has made. Not only does DCS finally show me what its really like. Im also able to enjoy it in VR which was not playable B4. And is absoutly amazing.
  12. Here in Massachusetts there is a young kid selling a warthog. The sale is on the facebook marketplace. His asking price Is only $150. This is for the stick and throttle. He states it is from a relative and he does not use it. He also says it's in excellent condition , almost new. It was posted yesterday. I'm just putting this out there just in case. Because you never know. Because it seems to good to be true.
  13. Not always. Lets use Nellis as an example. If 03R is the active landing RW as per ATC. The OHB would not be performed counterclockwise to cross over RW 03L due to possible exsisting AC using 03L. This is just one example.. @Steinsch Nice job. just a little high @ the roll out
  14. Looking to upgrade my EVGA 970 FTW. Yes Ive been all over the web looking for used. But I trust the members here VS everywhere else. If you have something I might like just PM me. Please nothing from overseas. Its just to much of a pain for me. Thanks:thumbup:
  15. I've done some searching and came up blank I just updated to latest version 1.5.1. And now when using it ive noticed the mic clicks are gone when i initiate comms. has anyone else come across this. i dont know if its a setting im missing somewhere or something else This is in the A10-C
  16. show me where its still free "Not from a third party"
  17. Thanks, But this does not exsist in my Open Alpha install. Can I create it on my own
  18. Can you tell me where this Beacons.lua file goes
  19. Found out I cant use the gift card for an international order or purchase
  20. Thanks I never thought of linking the card to my paypal. Will try it and let you know
  21. I have a visa gift card with some money still on it. Tried to purchase a DLC. Sage pay system says thats a no go. Is there a way to use it ??
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