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  1. delete. PEBKAC issue
  2. some of our guys using vr have had a similar thing, ymmv
  3. thats is just dcs saying there is a usb connection occurring. iirc there is something in the options about disabling usb...something,something. cannot remember right now. might also be an idea to see what other usb peripherals (steering wheel, driving pedals etc) are connected as dcs could be detecting it
  4. noticed that when I slew the ground radar that the slew cross hair is acting like a new steer point with any designation. I had stpt 1 selected and the corresponding distance to it from the AC. Started using/slewing the ground radar with out designating a point with TMS up and noticed that the distance on the HSI was changing is relation to where the AGR was "looking" rather than relating to the AC/STPT. Question I'm asking is ; is this what is expected in it's behavior, should it be showing the change in distance on the HSI relative to the slewing of the AGR without designation. Could it be user error or a repair on the install needed ? Not calling it a bug as I have no idea if that is expected behavior
  5. i wondered about this, I thought it was auto centering as soon as I stopped slewing while in exp and dsb modes, freeze mode allows it to slew with out it "centering " for lack of a better term.
  6. tried more curve on the rudder axis? i think set mine at something like 30
  7. Nealius, is that with full brake pressure? i saw some keybinds that were for increase decrease brake pressure and have found that using different amounts of brake pedal deflection has an influence, if that makes sense?
  8. Probably me misinterpreting what has been written, but to use the analogy of pushing or pulling a three wheeled pram (front wheel is free castoring), you can stop it with the wheel in a turn position but when you apply equal force (push/pull) the wheel itself is pulled straight by the friction and weight and the pram moves in straight line rather than holding the turn. for some reason, this is the logic my brain is expecting after executing a full stop and then reapplying thrust. hence the boggle
  9. just trying to get my head around the tail wheel behavior. Read in a few check lists that you should "taxi forward a few feet to straighten the tail" which makes sense, and have experimented/tried it a few times, coming to a full stop in a turn, then powering up again to see if the the AC travels straight. When power is reapplied the AC continues in the turn that it was in and doesn't "straighten after a few feet" the only way i can get it the AC on a straight path is to apply opposite rudder / brake to the yaw movement till its on an even keel. Am i crazy or just doing something wrong? (first part is rhetorical)
  10. It's been great to "see" so many new faces on our server and some epic missions that have been made by our very talented and generous mission builder. We've gone from a campaign series, to interdicting dirty bombs to defending fire base Mary Ann from the NVA and the VC. If you're interested in quality banter, great missions and good laugh with a bunch of Kiwi and Australian Legends, hit us up. one simple rule...DBAD
  11. reading the manual it says that you can put the gear lever to neutral if you suffer hydraulic failure, is this modelled? cant find a key bind for it and the lever will not stop in the neutral position with a mouse click
  12. it would seem that this is not resolved in 2.7. some great damage modeling, but WW2 aircraft seem to just keep on trucking in spite of it all.
  13. Anzac day mission coming up. Respect to all past and present service people, lest we forget
  14. i've had reflections off glasses, UV logos on sports gear, sun sneaking through a crack in the curtains, light reflecting of windows as a source of TIR bounce / random movement. The UV logo on the under armor shirt was a doozie...
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