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  1. haven'f flown the Mi-8 in quite a while, so if somethings changed i might have missed it. i don't see the mirrors on either side, the pilot or co-pilots side from inside the cockpit or on the external views. in single player on on multi-player. am i doing something wrong? the "M" keyboard comand does nothing.
  2. DCS Mission Builders Series | New DRAW TOOL - YouTube hoping i didn't misunderstand. the new draw tool in ME allows you to do so.
  3. yes. or at least have the free trial.
  4. just my opinion. i would think ED, though not the creator of the Corsair, would provide input on the engine. just for the simple reason there will be those that compare the P-47 and Corsair for differences not effected by the turbo/superchargers. imagine having to argue the main bearing in one behaving differently in a dive without damage? so i wouldn't think they'd be starting at 0. they'd probly have to start a forum just for the R-2800.
  5. i'd have thought, jettison canopy top, roll inverted, navigator release his seat belt, then pilot release his seatbelt. rather than going thru all that and feathering the prop. anyone tried?
  6. "hands off"... what altitude, speed and how long, what is "hands off" is it just long enough to look at the F10 map and not crash... or know you've got 20 minute flight across channel, go fix a cup, let the dog out and the cat in, check FB and come back with 5 minutes left to cross and still on course and holding altitude?
  7. just my opinion... if you're going to purchase something why not go direct, why deal the middleman? sometimes it may save you money, but then if there' are problems with what you purchased is the middleman just going to direct you to manufacturer anyway... and do you have to continue to deal with middleman just to use what you purchased because somehow he has some control of what you purchased.
  8. there's alot that could go wrong. perhaps a copy of the mission and someone could look thru it.
  9. true, he's also asking for a different skin... i imagine german crew instead of british. not that i think most would even notice... for those that did notice, imagine the woe and despair.
  10. hoping i can link this to triggers... once a area is captured or occupied i can make it so the lines and such change updating the map to the current situation.
  11. biggest difference is the the size... to me anyway.
  12. i don't see why you wouldn't be able to give a new heading and altitude from the navigators seat also. you can command a wingman, why not be able to give basic instructions to the guy in the next seat?
  13. will give it a try later today on server. thanks.
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