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  1. In Chile driving is on the right with overtaking on the left. Didn't check the whole map but noticed this, thought I would share. Thanks, great looking so far, so much to explore.
  2. I figure it could be like the MSFS edit to Flaten the area and give it a "Runway coding" with not only the options of direction, length, and width but also the look of it grass, dirt, PSP planking, or PAG-14 runway plates.
  3. I would like to see the inclusion of an Editable Unimproved Airfield into the mission editor. Players can add a various number of Unimproved Airfields into the operational area to meet the needs of some of the air operations. Just something simple that has a width, length, and direction editable resource. Allowing forward operating aircraft added functionality. It could be like the FARP, semi self-flattening. Thank you for consideration.
  4. A-10C II should also get updated with Link 16. Looking forward to the SDB.
  5. YES, Civilians that can be actors like the infantry, Transportable/can be used for Civilian Evacuations and SAR Missions (male/female models - casual and business suits)
  6. The An-2 is a static item fixed in various places on at least the Caucasus Map, why isn't it at least a Static Object for the Mission Editor? Please include the An-2 as a Static Object for the Mission Editor.
  7. I would like to see the Ground TACAN be fitted with the ADF option, so you can do things as simple as Build a FARP, add the TACAN/ADF set your freqs, Transmission Morse Code, Radio Wattage, and be done with it. Simple Easy and VERY useful.
  8. Nope... After the last mini patch I need to follow up and see if the issue still persists.
  9. LAU-7 with AIM-9B - Still present graphically after being fired. Things that me go "Hmmm" 2.7 has the LAU-7 with AIM-9B - Still present graphically after being fired I'll double check 2.5 but I'm pretty sure they are not present. 2.5 has the LAU-7 with GAR-8
  10. Yea, I found out when rolling in on target ... the Rocket Toggle Switch Cover would Mouse Click but had to desperately look up keyboard commands ...
  11. Thanks I'll look into it. I just think it is a bit bothersome that you would be required to have third party software to as opposed to native capabilities.
  12. Thank you for fixing the 17 active landing issue with the houses and trees. BUT... can you do something with this building being a little to close to the taxiway, aircraft strike it and explode on their way to take off.
  13. Now with the latest update and the move to drop support of older OS when will the WMA sound file format be added to the Mission Editor? You currently use file formats not supported by the native Windows 10 OS. WMA is the only file format I find in Sound Recorder at the moment. Please help with this.
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