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  1. Hi, Same for me : objects are correctly positioned and no problem with the flag.
  2. Plane discreetly lent by Great Britain...
  3. Hi, I thought that the first value corresponded to the position of the tip of the wake with respect to the ship (this position should correspond more or less to the bow of the ship). Am I wrong ? With shipWakeSize = {255, 40} for the CDG : With shipWakeSize = {290, 40} :
  4. Hi, Below is a link to a theme for the USS America. https://transfert.free.fr/cyPUVU To be added to the entry.lua file : The text for the encyclopedia is to be placed in the directory \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\USS America LHA-6\Encyclopedia\Ship French version : USS America LHA-6 (french).txt US version : USS America LHA-6 (english).txt Thanks again to Admiral189 for this achievement which is by far my favourite mod.
  5. Hi, No way to create an RTF description for a package. Is there an example package? Thank you for your help...
  6. Hi, Ship wake files for FREMM Aquitaine Aquitaine D650.lods.ship_wake
  7. Hi, You need simply add the file USS America LHA-6.lods.ship_wake in DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\USS America LHA 6\Shapes
  8. Hi, I can't get the F35B VSN to land, either on aircrafts carrier with arresting cables (Charles de Gaulle, CNV 71, Kuznetsov) or ramps (L61, Hermes, Principe de Asturias...) or others (LHA 6, Mistral, Tarawa): it always ends in a dive. Does anyone know why this problem persists?
  9. Aloha, I believe that this is not a problem with the ship but with the VSN F35. Whatever the ship the F35 AI is able to take off but it dives into the sea on landing.
  10. Hi, Here for LHA-6 USS America... USS America LHA-6.lods.ship_wake
  11. Hello, Soyons fous...pourquoi pas un Suffren ? Let's be crazy...why not a Suffren?
  12. Aloha, J'ai modifié les roulages pour le Principe de Asturias. - 5 positions au décollage - 4 à l’appontage - 5 positions pour les hélicoptères Fichiers lua sur demande... I modified the rolls for the Principe de Asturias. - 5 positions at take-off - 4 at landing - 5 positions for helicopters lua files on request...
  13. Je suis preneur !
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