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  1. Hi, On this note, does anyone know if the texture template for module II TK have been released, yet? I'm just wondering if it's just settled and assumed we will have to work with the original template for module 1, and just get creative with filling-in the LASTE pod area. A part of me still feels that if II TK has a new exterior model (esp. given that new canopy), that there should be a new template, too? Thanks.
  2. Are you referring to the actual HMCS lens? If so, is that 'as-is' practicable though? I can't seem to envisage that. I'm assuming Snoopy is a real A-10 pilot (I'm new, so you'll have to forgive me). Hence, his response. The night-vision just feels very 'tunnel-visioned' to me, that it's mapped to the monocular ones (AN/PVS-14s) or the ones where both eyes are covered but it narrows into a single 'output tube' (AN/PVS-7s). :dunno:
  3. Hi, I don't know if it's even possible with the advent of HMCS, but would it be possible to have more updated night vision to reflect upgraded kit in real-life? Either with wider view bi-goggles (AN/PVS-15s) or even the Panoramic ones? Example: https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/134540/airmen-receive-panoramic-night-vision-goggles/ Have to admit, the panoramics would give the player extreme superiority and situ-awareness... If you wanted to balance fairness, you could implement it several ways. E.g. Panoramics for A-10C Version 1.0 only (taking note of the timeframe of that article). Or, if your sources/real A-10 pilots/customers say it's not realistic due to HMCS, so it's either currently accurate/as-is, fair enough. Or, even if they don't have the panoramics but do have the bi-goggles, is it possible to increase the size/field of view? It often feels like the goggles are just the monocular-style ones (AN/PVS-14s) and slightly dated. Again, if it's already all accurate in both modules (A-10C V1 and II), fair enough. :) Thanks! Keep up the great work! :thumbup:
  4. Updated tests to reflect new/upgraded tech/equipment to be employed. I like it, like it, like it :thumbup: Currently, in the UK on lockdown so with a few extra hours in the evenings and weekends, looking to take-on something. All 3 of your training modules are on my to-buy list. So can't wait to see when I'll be able to use the A-10C II TK module in them :matrix::thumbsup:
  5. Ahh, in that case (my case, not the OP's case) it must've been because I reversed Coolie Hat Up and Down, a few months back. I think I was doing one of the tutorials and the talk about aft/forward/up/down didn't seem logical so I reversed it. Which I can imagine will be what both of you say it is once I reverse it back in the controls... Thanks.
  6. Sounds very exciting!! :thumbup: Can you tell us if the livery has to be real or fictitious?
  7. Basically, do for AFBs what they did for the Carrier module. Let's give it up for the: *Maintainers; *Fabricators; *the Crew Chiefs; *And everyone else on the ground; *Snap-On mobile tool stations; *Putting the fuel hoses on the planes; *Animated effects of them working on damaged parts of the plane as soon as we 'request refuelling and repair'. :smilewink: -As those payloads don't just magically appear on weapon stations by magic :thumbup: And, cos....we can do better than Microsoft and their ground crews! :matrix:
  8. OP, I had the same issue and this post kept coming-up. I was on a slightly old/early build - I just updated tonight onto the lastest build and it's fixed ( Open Beta - 10.11.2020). You can easily make the HMCS SOI with a single Coolie Hat Up. Figured I'd post here in case anybody else comes across this as the first hit on Google. Cheers.
  9. Figured it out. I was using SkateZilla's guide but noticed just now that I had to truncate the version number. So, I should have done: .\DCS_updater.exe update 2.5.6@openbeta I was populating the entire version number :poster_oops: But all good now, the download is under way. Thanks for again for your help, Art-J. Feel free to close this thread.
  10. Hi, thanks for the swift reply. I did do that (Start Menu > Progs>ED) but it's the same result. Purportedly says I'm on the 'up to date' version already.
  11. Hi, I'm no longer prompted to update DCS whenever I click on the desktop icon. I did have Stable version but then converted to Open Beta. When I try to update from the command line, I get told I have the latest version. My friends have got DCS on Steam. Is there something wrong or do DCS traffic split/or they do blue/green testing? Thanks.
  12. Yeah, but the canopy's obviously different? From the dash all the way to the back, it's gorgeously different. For me, in my head, I'm thinking if the canopy's different and canopies are modelled in the original templates (but not the inidium tin oxide layer effect), I don't have the paintshop skills to reproduce that... :dunno: We also know the pave penny's gone. But, my eyes can't even tell what other pannelling is different. If 80% of the template files are the same from the Original A-10C and it's just 20% of the files that are the only different ones (the pave penny file and the one featuring the canopy), then fair enough. BUT: Perhaps, ED can just give us those 2 or so template files in the Users Section. We can do the rest. (Obviously, at their next convenience).
  13. I've only really started to make a concerted effort to learn how to fly it and how to get more proficient with the weapons (thx lockdown/covid). But, I was hoping for more time in my life, anyway. Agreed with the users who love the A-10C's HOTAS. OP, if we think about it: 43/8 Year Old airframe (with its' individuality) plus upgrades right upto as recent as 2016 (APKWS) / 4 years ago (virtually for us). :pilotfly: This is awesome, frustrating and rewarding work/playtime. :D I love it! :D The Aim-65s have been challenging. But if you YouTube search the right words like the others suggest, you'll find excellent videos (a decades worth!) of how to do things / sometimes more than one way to do the same thing means you can find a way that is intuitive for you. Work with little steps. E.g. For the Aim-65, I did the following progressive steps to learn: -first run with locking ground target and firing; -first half-run with locking ground target, then second run with firing; -first half-run with locking multiple targets, then second run with firing; -(next step): one run with multiple locks and firing (if i can work it all fast enough which i doubt !!! :D ) In the week/fortnight I wanted to get this all ingrained, I think I was doing 2 x 2-hour sessions twice a week or 3 days on the trot as I knew that I was close to sussing something out. (and cos I loved the updated graphics from an upgraded graphics card I installed in summer). Then, it all kinda sinks in and the number of buttons doesn't become as intimidating and procedures kind of stick. Another tip I got is 'chunking'. The human mind works well with breaking up long bits of data into manageable chunks. E.g. telephone numbers - 0207 123 456. This is how I've learnt which buttons on the joystick do what. So, you'll learn which one is the DMS and which one is the TMS, very quickly, for example. Persevere mate, you'll love it and you'll remember why you chose this module :thumbup:
  14. +1 x 3000 from me again! :thumbup::thumbup: So many things I love about this upgrade (and letting us keep the original was awesome, too :thumbup:). For now, the most obvious ones as I mentioned elsewhere: the inidium tin oxide tint of the canopy is just gooooorgeous! :wub::wub::matrix::matrix: Can imagine you are getting a TON of feature requests right about now but just wanted to say thanks! :thumbup::thumbup:
  15. +1, in that case, if possible, wondering if we can request a new template pack in the Downloads> User Files section of the site? So, that we can create liveries that match the new model of the new A-10C II TK ? @Worrazen, hopefully, if they did this, then just like with the current template packs, you can make your A-10C II TK 'factory fresh' by removing layers with a graphics editor (like PhotoShop) by removing the 'dirt/grime/grz/grain/gr' layers. :) (fingers crossed)
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