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  1. Hello, we have exactly the same configuration, and activating this Game Mode on, HAGS on in Windows 11 all the games in general lowers my fps and raises latencies. Are you okay with that on? (Game Mode on, HAGS on)
  2. It is not about evidence, there is no need to show evidence, if you want it you can take it, otherwise go your way and do not bother with ridiculous answers full of double meanings..
  3. Here too you keep insisting on that. First of all we are not crazy... the effect is very visible and changes from one profile to another. I don't understand the meaning of your posts, let this flow, there are people who have had better 3d, others haven't, for example I don't have an improvement with openxr and many people do, each rig is different. So please do not continue with the fact that there is no change, the 3d change is visible and to confirm I have asked another person to load profiles for me and without knowing which profile is loaded, name the 3d profile, and effectively name it correctly , therefore there is no placebo effect, I do not understand why you insist on that. So again let it flow and let people enjoy the changes. Greetings.
  4. the Digital Combat Sim: Black Shark profile has other options activated, in my case it generates a lot of fog and the effect is less noticeable. It is better to create a new profile only with the options of post 1.
  5. I'm glad to everyone who was able to find the improvement. I found this configuration after looking for different alternatives tending to improve the 3d effect in vr, and when I found these options and the result, I said wouww!! the vr community has to know, and maybe others can get better settings and better 3d effects. We are still investigating. Now you can enjoy the landscapes.
  6. Hp G1 (is that I use for simulators), and also i have Oculus Rifts S and Quest 2 they both have the same 3d enhancement.
  7. Where it is most noticeable is on the terrain (buildings, trees, mountains, relief, etc), it is enough to use the modification for a while and return to default and the change in my case and that of several others is very evident.
  8. You don't have to remove any profile as this works globally, adding the first video from post 1 or loading the default vrdirectx profile is enough. But you have reached the same result and that is good too.
  9. Make sure you have this option enabled. https://ibb.co/7W531Kh
  10. Sorry if I misinterpret the translation
  11. Greetings. In the squad that I fly, those who have VR are very happy with this mod, some have openxr, others steam vr, some with re shader, etc. and they have no problems. therefore there would be no problem adding it to another mod.
  12. I am glad all those who saw and feel the improvement. For my part, I am very happy that 3d returned to my VR.
  13. Make sure you have this option pressed. https://ibb.co/7W531Kh The same thing happened to me, just as you described. Luckily I have recovered the 3d view as at the beginning of the vr.
  14. I have several, with all the ones I tried there are changes, rift s, HP reverb g1 (preferred), oculus quest 2. Have tests with F18, instant action and free flight. Over the city, seeing the horizon, the distance from the mountains, in my case they make a big difference.
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