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  1. They will be in there with the next patch.
  2. Please also check the sorting of the liveries for both the A and the B model. I attached an example for the B model. Both VF-102 liveries are split up. It seems this issue is caused by an "01" wich is written in front of the livery name. Would it be possible to remove this number in one of the next patches?
  3. ok, but then please do a country lock for all US skins. All skins with a country lock or all skins available for everyone. ok, so they will be removed with the next patch? Good news. So we can expect the still missing B skins in future? Even better news.
  4. The Vandy One with the Sad Bunny looks awesome as hell. Great job. Didnt know it existed. Are there any real live pictures of it? There was also the point: Updated VF-211 Fighting Checkmates 100. (2001) (Shmoo42) This skin is the only skin with an country lock. Should this be gone with this patch? Its still there. Would be cool if this country lock get removed and this fantastic skin is available for all nations. I also noticed that the Top Gun liveries are doubled for the B Version? Is there a specific reason why? There are so many other liveries missing for the B model: Red Rippers HiViz, BeDevilers HIViz, Santa Cat, VX-9, VX-30, ... The Top Gun liveries look brillant for the A Model. But for the B with newer engines it doesnt fit to be honest. But ok, anyway, would love to see the last missing B liveries come in a future patch. Would it also be possible to sort the liveries in the drop down menu? For the B the VF-102 are split up. We have the firt livery at the top, then a buch of fictional ones and then the second vf-102. Would be cool if they are next to each other in the list. But overall, the Sad Bunny livery kicks ass. Best thing of the complete patch for me.
  5. @Ironwulf @BIGNEWY This report just made its Anniversary Any update? Man, its just swapping the liveries.
  6. The skin contest contains one swordsmen skin for the early A, which is not there yet. I think they won't split the liveries up and will include them all as once as soon as the early A is released. But are there really no other new liveries for the late A included? Legendary Gypsy Mig Killers? Tophatters? Black Aces? Or maybe the legendary urgently awaited Santa Cat for the B with its stunning "Seasons Greetings" Fuel Tanks? I will download the patch today and check it out.
  7. Its your wish, to get this bug fixed
  8. Do you know, what material it was made of? Metal? Hard Plastic? How did it feel in the Hands? More like the VKB or the Virpil Replica? And im comparrison to the A and B stick? Same material?
  9. Yes, thats the plan I think. If we are lucky, maybe with the next patch.
  10. That was quick From where did you get this stick? Thanks
  11. Hey, this is not related to our module but I hope this is the right place to ask this. Does anybody have some close up pictures of an F-14D stick/grip? On the internet there are just very small picutes. It looks different to the A and B stick. Not only the shape itself but also the weapon selector. Would love to see it more detailed in a bigger close up pucture. Does anybody maybe have any pictures? And know, what the difference? How the Weapon selector works and so on? Thanks a lot. Stay healthy and fly safe
  12. Congratulations to alle the winners. Great work from everybody who did a submission. Thanks to HB for this contest.
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