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  1. Looks likes one of last two patches had made the Leander class grow a deadly horn!
  2. Oh that's nice, I can't wait to see it when it's done.
  3. Sorry for the late reply everyone has been a bit busy lately. So, I went ahead and deleted my copy of America and downloaded V1.0.1 just to start fresh, and it seems I had an older version of the model, everything is now normal but the flag is still upside down but only when with one of the other ships are in the mission just like the textured issue on the Kidd. I think the bug is with the San Antonio but it could be with the Oak Hill, it's hard to say since the mission I was running uses 6s of Admiral ships.
  4. Thanks, everyone for sharing your updates to Admiral’s ships, they were just the touch-ups, that were needed. Now the rest of the fleet will need to get their over hull done. Hey @toan to answer your question, no I did not use a static template but placed them one by one. I was recreating the 2002 George Washington deployment since I have most to all the aircraft liveries for that time. I’m now doing the same in America, but I’m happy with the outcome due to some of the known issues that to my knowledge never got fixed. Which you can see in the screenshots.
  5. Thanks man, if you think there great you see come of my nicer shots. I'm right now working on getting some screen shots on the America but the issue of the right side makes the screen shots look bad.
  6. With the latest update out, I’ve been doing some night flying and have to say some of the ships look great at night.
  7. The America still works, other then the some of the bugs that are still there she still works in the lates update.
  8. So, since the big guy has been busy in the shipyard working on getting the Sacramento & Wichita out, I have a question for everyone else that’s been on my mind for a good while. I know @Enrogue made the new wake effect for Tarantula. My question is has anyone else done the same to any of the other ships in Admiral’s fleet?
  9. Recently I went through the user files and I happen to see Himura tosi Republic of China Navy Perry Class Liveries Pack and talk about how well done the liveries came out just stunning. But seeing that got me thinking again about why is there not any liveries of countries that use the Oliver Perry-class, mainly from 1980s to the mid-2000s Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Poland, Spain, and Turkey all had the same set up as the model in DCS. Does anyone have any insight on this, like is someone planning on making some or happens to know if anyone has already had but now there lost in bowls of the web?
  10. They're a bit of background history on why now the supply class and the rest of the Military Sealift Command ships are not armed but it’s a bit long to explain it. But back when the Supply class was built and put into serves in the 90s, they had two CWIS, one sea sparrow launcher, and some 50 Cals. By the 2000s the US-Navy were restructuring how they want their logistics to be in the future, so all weapons were removed and the ships had their USS changed to USNS when transferred to MSC and the Sacramento class was Decommission.
  11. Thanks @Admiral189 for all the hard work I know this has been a hard project for you. One thing how come your adding liveries of the Supply class to this when but class of ship are designed and look different from each other?
  12. Oh, sorry I should have pointed out, I made the changes to the HMCS Montreal FFH-336. The program I use to change the code in Visual Studio Code, but there are some other programs like note++ or notebook++, I can't remember which one it is. If you want an easy way of doing it, just private message me and I will send you a copy of the Lua I did.
  13. I was just going to say, you can set it up that the ships can show up in mission editor under their respective countries, type, and class. You would have to add it to the ship Lua that you want it to be at. Here are some examples changed and added too.
  14. Went add the new wake file to the Tarantula Class Corvette and it looks like the link is no longer available.
  15. You would be right, they go into the Shapes folder. But go back and put in an installation bit to help anyone else.
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