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  1. Any updates about this. @ Eagly dynamics, heard that you had already more than 70% completed of the rework. Is there any further progress?
  2. HI Sedenion, there passed some time, when you remember, i was the guy who had this strange stab trim problem. (Continuesly it trimmed up to max level) The strange thing and the cause of the problem was, windows maps 2 devices when they are already plugged in, in an usb port. Thrustmaster warthhog joystick + throttle, so the system recognizes two devices. Then i usually start the script editor, then i start to run your script and then it generates the virtual combined device you programmed. Then when this is successfully done, i start DCS. In DCS there i see the virtual combined device (bla bla, where i can set the controls in the controls menu) there DCS lists still the Thrustmaster Joystick and the thrustmaster throttle as device and the virtual combined device, even when the Thrustmaster throttle and joystick devices where set to "disabled" in the control menu of dcs (Both disabled!). There still were mappings and axis set. They kind of still where active when you play dcs. After clearing all axis or the mapped buttons, set for trimming, the STAB TRIM PROBLEM completely dissapeared for ever. So it seems that even when devices are set to disabled in the controls menu in dcs, they are still active. So hey ED, there is a small bug there. Sedenion and all other supporters here in the forum big greetings abnd thx, just want to inform you back that the script is running very good untill yet. Keep up the good work
  3. You won't really get rid of shimmering, with shader mod you possible gain some more fps, but not really that it is still worth it. DCS looks better without shader mod in VR. In VR Dcs generally looks shit. Just the cockpit is sharp and wingmans closer than 100 ft. Everything else you cant recognize anything without your systems, and when you are close enough to see things with your eyes, you are to close to get killed by AAA or SAMS. VR is not really ready for DCS, it works, but it looks fucked up. Read something about that ED, has to do every shader new for VR, and they already have about 70%...so maybe in some years it could look good.
  4. Hey i tried something out. I disabled 2 command lines, even without using them (lmfd, rmfd) set to 0. My problem still occured. Now i had the feelings, there could be something with the mfds... Strange thing is i disabled 2 command lines later. Now, it did stop. No sudden instant trimmings etc. Hopefully this is it. I have 3 MFDs, working. Don't know if has a connection to the issues happened, with the script, because the script just has left and right... I dont know, so this is what i did, and for 3 test sessions, it is not happening again.
  5. Hello, i tried some other other target scripts, this also doesn't happen. With your script im afraid this happens. I noticed in device testing (DEVICE ANALYZER), that other scripts, the DMS Hat is set up as point of view hat, the H1 Trim is set as button. In your script is it set to the use of buttons, and the H1 Trim is set as point of view hat. Means it is some cross changed... Im at a point, close to stop to use target and live like the rest 98% of users not using target, and not use middle positions etc.... I hate target and thrustmaster hotas it is definitely not worth its money. So when you buy a joystick, don't buy Thrustmaster Hotas or target, you have no software support from the devs, and your joystick and throttle can't even be used full functional. So without C++ programming etc, you are fucked paying 400€+ so FUCK THRUSTMASTER HOTAS. Do you have maybe a flight sqadron member or a friend with the Thrustmaster Hotas (Throttle + Stick (F16/A10)) who could also try this? Who owns the module F/A-18C ?
  6. Hello people. Hello Sedenion, i tested everything. Bad news. Now i have to say, it has to rely to your script. Even when my joystick isn't plugged in. (Not connected to an usb port on the pc). Even unmapped in dcs control settings, it trims up the Flaps to max. F/A-18C on quickstart missions, etc, always to max trim behaviour. Means 24° NU Position, check it out to fly the F/A-18C, you'll see the mistake. So its definetely not my joystick, not my pcs, not dcs(there im not sure). Maybe there is an incompability, the only one mod i did use, is the ReshadeVR Sharpen Colors Mod(Valve Index VR). But also without mod, i had the same results, causing the Trim issue. Workaround is still how i mentioned it in previous posts. When i turn off your script, the bug doesn't happen. Pls investigate, try to fly an f18 with your lates script version 1.5, and turn off all apmods, and bind or dont the trim functions in dcs, then when you start, doesn't depend on starting flap position (Full, Auto, Half) it always stab trims to 24°.
  7. Yeah, this could really be, yesterday, i opened my mind. I am using a usb-a 3.0 port hub with powersupply. Maybe it is overloaded and still it isn't enough energy for all connected devices available, 6 of 7 ports are in use. 3 MFDs, throttle, joystick, and rudders. I tested it yesterday late night again, for a few sessions i hadn't any problems with this weird problem, no trim up, no strange behaviour in dcs. Before this try yesterday, i had this listed weird problems. And also yesterday in the flight sqadron event. "Murphy's law" When this problems will occure again, i will try out to plug the joystick usb-port directly into my computer direct into my tower pc mainboard ports, not the USB Hub. Directly into my tower pc etc. Just to make sure if this happens all again. (Then it has to be an bad electrical contact in my joystick hat button) Im sorry about the stress ive been creating. Also thanks for your patience and support. And again thanks for your nice effort and your nice script to use the hardware with all buttons and functions, especially that you share it with the community. Sincerely yours and good flights
  8. I also know this seems to be unbelievable, yesterday i thought after the full dcs repair the problem was fixed, it was gone, and suddenly it appeared today again, while in a flight sqadron event, this is like murphey's law happening, always when its important. The strange thing is, for now it suddenly dissappeared, i have to check it out again, and make sure, the deamon fucks off out of my joystick...i will report back again.
  9. Hello again, its me. I did try also your new 1.5 version. The problem still occurs. DCS full repair also could't solve this problem. I did also try the device analyser etc. New installation of target etc. also didn't help. And the device analyzer did not show or list any problems. So i can be sure my hotas setup is not broken. The button im talking about is the H1 Trim hat, (JOY_BTN_POV_1_ D) i did check also the dcs module (F18C, A10, general, UI Layer) buttons. I dont got any double-mappings set for this button. The problem is, even when you don't map the climb up trim button , when you cold start, hot start, or start right in the air, even flaps on auto, half or full position set in the F/A 18 C, it does continouesly trim up the elevators to max climb level. Means 24 degree, you can watch this on any DDI, in the supt (support page) page on fcs (flight control system). - NU STAB POS (Trim position) also available in the chklst (checklist) page. Even to clear the flap buttons in dcs results in the same problem. Even when you push the T/O Trim button (take off trim) means flaps set to half it usually resets the elevator to 12 degree, even after that it trims up to 24 degree, even when you trim against it. The work around is, to clear the button map it again, then trim short against it, and then it works, but the next flight, the same problem happens. Could it be that the button is set wrong in the script file? Or does it has to do something with pulse / delay time / tempo time ? I also disabled all mods, did a dcs full repair, without script and target, it doesn't occure. But i want to use your good script to use all hotass buttons positions and functions. Pls help. Sincerely yours // -- H1 (TRIM) -------------------------------------------------------------- if(IO_ENABLE) { MapKeyIO( &Dev, H1U, DX86, DXHATUP); MapKeyIO( &Dev, H1R, DX87, DXHATRIGHT); MapKeyIO( &Dev, H1D, DX88, DXHATDOWN); MapKeyIO( &Dev, H1L, DX89, DXHATLEFT); } else { MapKey( &Dev, H1U, DXHATUP); MapKey( &Dev, H1R, DXHATRIGHT); MapKey( &Dev, H1D, DXHATDOWN); MapKey( &Dev, H1L, DXHATLEFT);
  10. You are really sure? Even on the razbams website, is nothing updated and no news. Except facebook and social media files with screenshots are available, but on the companies website, no further progress....since over a year. At the moment even their "HP" is not available: https://razbamsimulations.com/index.php/dcs/f-15e-project
  11. Sedenion you are a master mind! Thank you so much. Really great effort. I really enjoy your work, makes things so much better in DCS! Im looking forward to try your new version, just to report, i could not find, i did really try hard to find the issue. When i use the POV Hat Button/ Trim Switch (A-10C / F16 Joystick)(upwards) i did map it in dcs to trim (climb) for the F/A - 18 C, while ingame, its like its stuck from the beginning and the NU Trim (Nose Up Trim Postion) is always going to maximum, when i would join a flight where i would start in the air, it would keep my plane so straight up and you can trim against it, but its like the button is stuck and its triming non stop to max climb level, when i unmap the button in dcs and set it again, it works usually as it should. Just trims when i push the button. My hardware is also not broken and the buttons work as they should, but somehow in DCS using the script this happens. This happens always using the script editor version 1.3 of your script/profile. Sincerely yours GrapeFruiT
  12. @sedenion , thanks for your quick response and support also thanks a lot for your shared work (great respect! ), what would be DCS without its community?! I tried again, and i could do a work around to configure and save my settings, when i did set the same combo buttons in dcs (as example for external views, i ve been mapping it on a modifier on the joystick + button on the joystick) When i put the same setting (also for external views)into the configuration of the F/A 18C profile and also in general it caused sometimes the complete reset with not saving my settings, don't know why, but this happend 4 times. No i did set them to other combo buttons in "general" to keep my settings save. This at the moment worked. Maybe you can give me a good hint or help me as stupid target user again. I use 3 MFDs and i already had them configured optimal for dcs, in dcs. When i use the script editor, it put my first and second MFD also in the virtual controller device. But i don't want it as virtual device running through the Target editor. How can i succesfully exclude them (all MFDs) without destroying anything in your shared (absolutely top work)? where do i have to change anything? target.tmh? Runcomplete.tmc) Modap.tmh... etc. Sincerely yours
  13. You did not understand my question, the problem is that you cant change the buttons in dcs. You are able to, but somehow it resets itself back to your scripted presets in dcs. So im not able to run my own configuration for DCS with your scripts running with the TARGET EDITOR. Im sorry, i figured out what the problem was, DCS did export my settings as fcs file, then i renamed the name without fcs, and then dcs saved the profile as lua. Now it should work, im going to test it. Thx 4 yr support. I tried your new setup v1.3 and i noticed that on the thrusmaster warthhog throttle, there are three buttons/functions missing (The switch where Autopilot functions are (A10C) Path - ALT/HDG - ALT seems no bind for that. SORRY figured out there is a LASTE MOD to set, ive seen it now in the MOD AP.tmh Sincerely yours, from a no programmer just virtual pilot guy. And now i noticed when i map buttons in DCS (inside the F18C Sim profile) everything works, when i use combo button functions and set something in general, something happens and then all settings before will be reseted in your pre configured setting for the throttle and joystick, cause of that i lost nearly 2 hours of mapping (4 tries) now im finish with it. I saved my file a few minutes ago, the i did set some in general, did overwrite my file, and then noticed it was reseted shortly before i did overwrite it, now im at point zero again. Im done tonight, fuck. will go to bed now. What a shitty end for me right now.
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