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  1. Hello pilots! Today we present to you information about the upcoming update. The map will be extended eastward 250 km to Deir ez Zor Air Base. Added Sanliurfa International Airport in Turkey. Added part of the territory of Iraq with H3, H3 Northwest, H3 Southwest и Ruwayshid. Added Kharab Ishk helicopter base located on the territory of Lafarge factory. Added At-Tanf military base on Syrian-Iraqi border. Tal Siman military base located north of the city of Raqqa was added. Added abandoned dirt airfield east of Sayqal Air Base. Ataturk Dam and Şanlıurfa International Airport were added in Turkey. Added scenes of oil facilities in ir Deir ez-Zor area. Added a large section of the Euphrates River Valley in the eastern part of the map.
  2. Hello pilots! Today is Friday, the weekend is ahead - time for rest. Let's see what entertainment is presented in Cyprus. Parko Paliatso Luna Park (Ayia Napa) & Fasouri Watermania Waterpark (Limassol) Well, we'll spend the night here: Cedar's Oasis Olympic Residence Mercure Hotel Casino Hotel San Rafael
  3. Aarnoman we are working on it
  4. Hello pilots! Today we will go to the mountainous part of Cyprus: St Hilarion Castle (Κάστρο του Αγίου Ιλαρίωνα) Famagusta Castle (Othello Castle) Cyrene Castle Kyrenia
  5. Hey! Let's see what we have today Original objects: Limassol General Hospital Nicosia Terminal Oval and factory KEAN Paphos General Hospital Paphos Terminal Limasol MyMall Airfields in Cyprus: Akrotiri Air Base of the British Air Force Ercan International Airport Gecitkale Airport Larnaca International Airport Nicosia International Airport (closed) Paphos International Airport
  6. Hello everyone! Several screenshots of the rocky coast. Tourists come to this place and take selfies and photos in T-pose. Cyprus ports
  7. Hello pilots! What are your plans for the summer? Air temperature +26 Water temperature +19.7 (when you enter it seems cold, but it only seems) Let's go swimming! Don't forget about protection the land
  8. Metochi Kykkou Park (Μετόχι Κύκκου). Nicosia. Cyprus Selimiye Mosque Bank of Cyprus in Nicosia Kings Avenue Mall in Paphos Seaport in Limassol Abandoned hawker siddeley HS 121 Trident at Nicosia airport
  9. Hi, today, some screenshots may seem familiar to you, even if you are not a resident of these territories or a participant in peacekeeping missions. Meet Cyprus! Like everything in this region, this island is steeped in history.
  10. @Lurker seasons are not planned yet (UPD: there will be no seasons until release) Avenger31 Diyarbakir airport not planned
  11. We respect the wishes of users and can say that in the future there will be a big update that will capture the territories east of the Euphrates, including airfields: Russian (former US) base - Tal Siman Military base "Kharab-Ishk" (Where are Apaches) Sanliurfa Airport Turkey * @shu77 @Aarnoman @Toriy we can say that we already have in our plans and ready-made airfields and territories that you asked for earlier and now, but in order to release them, you need to carefully work out the entire adjacent territory and test it. Therefore, you will learn about the emergence of these airfields and territories from the news. @ViFF We hope that this important historical part of Jordan will be presented for release. @Shadow KT we will discuss this issue. Thank you all for your attention to our map. We are finalizing a major mainland map update. It aims to optimize and improve performance on midrange systems. (Yes, this is your credit: a meeting was held and some solutions were found that allow you to increase productivity without any visible degradation of quality). At the same time, the development team did everything to improve the visual component of the map. UNIFIL base located in southern Lebanon (Nakura city), on the border with Israel Heliport Nukura. Solar power plant near the King Hussein airfield Oil Terminal for Tankers Nuclear warheads at Inzhirlik airfield Radar at the Inzhirlik airfield We have always tried to make the map interesting. For this, more than 200 original objects and more than 100 historical structures have been made. We also tried to make the map a challenge for free-flying master pilots. After work, our developers had some fun. (Do you remember their epic helicopter landing at the stadium? (We signed the coordinates of the objects, some of them you will see soon)
  12. New hangars in Latakia Khmeimim airbase, Syria Flying over the state border Fly over Haifa
  13. Gaziantep fortress Gaziantep, Turkey Citadel Tripoli Tripoli, Lebanon
  14. Hi, of course they will. Right now) Syria map developers have traditionally paid great attention to original and historical sites. Many observations of our users help us to make the map even more interesting and informative. Sammy Ofer Stadium Haifa city, Israel Cooling towers in Haifa Haifa, Israel Citadel Akko Old city of Akko, Israel
  15. Sayqal Airbase Shayrat Airbase is home to the Syrian Air Force 50th Air Brigade located in Homs. It has two runways and around 40 hardened aircraft shelters. (wiki) Tiyas Airbase The Tiyas Military Airbase is the largest airbase in Syria.
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