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  1. Well. I always thought that was just to enable the controls overlay display but apparently not. What's weird is I have never had this issue before and hadn't changed anything. So yeah, problem solved thank you admiki
  2. I did have a look in there but never noticed anything. Ill take a look when i get home cheers.
  3. Bit of a weird one this and its only affecting the Hind. Petrovich (I think) is applying cyclic and rudder inputs to my aircraft while I am in the pilot seat. In the track provided, at no point do I apply anything other than collective inputs. You can see as soon as I enter the pit, the cyclic is back and right. As I add collective, both rudder and cyclic are applied from somewhere but it isn't me. At first I thought it was cross controls but no. Also tried a full repair but with no luck. Any help appreciated. Petro auto.trk
  4. I see. Looks like I need to find another way then. I have done some experimenting with the percentage value on the unit itself which seems to work better for my needs. Thx for the responses. Its more clear to me now.
  5. When setting random as a condition for trigger, it is constantly re-evaluated as if it were a continuous action even though the trigger is set to "once" In the mission and track provided, there are 2 triggers: First is set to "Once" "Time more, 10 seconds" and "Random, 1%" with an action of message to all 1 Second is set to "Once" "Time more, 20 seconds" and "Random, 1%" with an action of message to all 2 What happens is a message of "2" appears around the 2 minute mark and a message of "1" at about 2:20 This suggests to me that the conditions are constantly evaluated instead of just once at that time. Reading the manual, that's not how it should work it seems "RANDOM. The Random condition allows you to set a percentage chance of action(s) assigned to the trigger from happening. Use the left and right arrows or type directly into the field to adjust the value. Values can range from 0 (no chance) to 100 (certain) as a percentage. The most common action you will use this condition with is Activate Group. This will allow you to set a random appearance of units in a mission." testrandom.miz random.trk
  6. Unit type SAM SA-3 s-125 TR SNR (SA3 tracking radar) is showing as SAM SA-2 TR SNR-75 Fan Song (SA-2 tracking radar) Both on the HUD and MFD RWR. Tested with other aircraft and is identified correctly as "3" on RWR sa3.trk
  7. I had a system with less specs than that. I5 3570K with 24gb DDR3 ram 7970 card and it ran absolutely fine (Both F14 and AV8B) Yes you will have to tone some of the heavys down (MSAA for example). Really heavy servers may be a little rough but for the most part you'll be fine n dandy. Both the F-14 and AV8B are well worth it at the current price.
  8. With the new option under special, this is now fixed for me. Thanks for looking into it :D
  9. A lot of steps there. Appreciate the guide but I think ill wait for a fix on this one. Until then the tomcat is grounded for me.
  10. Unable to test currently but that sounds about right. At 585 knots true your looking at about mach 0.88. Pushing into reheat takes you towards the transonic region where the wings will come back further to full sweep. Of course you could always command manual sweep to full. That said, I'm not an expert either :D
  11. Yeah. I tried disabling FFB in wheel settings too but no different. Might try that vjoy or joystick gremlin and see if that helps.
  12. Well, its definitely related to the racing wheel. Removed it and trim was fine. As soon as I plugged it back in, aircraft went haywire. I have noticed a "New feature?" in FFTune under controls. Could it be its trying to apply FFB even when it is unchecked in options? Cant understand why it only has effect with the F14 though.
  13. Not FFB but will check to see if it has reset it to on.. Edit. FFB set to off but issue persists. It must be a local issue as others aren't experiencing it it seems. I am using a Racing wheel (Logitech G25) for rudder pedals so I suspect it is related to that and FFB in some way but will investigate further. It is strange however as it is only affecting the Tomcat of those I have tried (Viggen and AV8B seem ok)
  14. When attempting to apply trim, the stick moves but no trim is indicated on needles or applied to the jet. Engaging autopilot attitude hold does not hold the jet either. Tested hot start and air start with the same results. trim test.trk
  15. Sorry to drag up an old thread but it did help me. I can confirm the brightness controls do work as does black hot white hot. You seem to have to repeatedly press the controls rather than keeping it held in order to see the effects on brightness. Granted, the brightness controls are only available via a keybind and not physically in the pit. I have Attached 4 screenshots with white hot and black hot at mid and low brightness settings. Was never the best photographer though :D
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