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  1. Good to know thanks, its not widely advertised about the removable buttons.
  2. In fairness a lot of that hot glue is on connector's which is standard practice for any manufacturer, it looks like a lot of the circuit boards have fixing points tapped into the metalwork. I remember taking my HOTAS Cougar grip apart and being shocked at the amount of hot glue actually holding parts in place and also what looked like grease proof paper wrapped around the bases of the 4 way hats to provide electrical shielding from the metal body.
  3. I'm a little disappointed its not a 1:1 replica of the F-16C we have in DCS. Those extra hat switches on the stick look really ugly and I wish they hadn't messed with the throttle eeither after going to all the trouble of trying to make the throttle action realistic. Don't get me wrong its got me tempted to replace my USB converted HOTAS Cougar TQS but I just wished they had stayed true to the real HOTAS. It's great to see more options available though and kudos to WinWing for developing this. As far as Chinese assembly goes, the last company I recall making flight controls in the US was CH but even they started moving production to Mexico. Most of what we buy these days is assembled in China. It would be interesting to see inside these WinWing devices, that would tell you the real story on quality, you can assemble anywhere but the design has to be good. Think back to the HOTAS Cougar, looked fantastic on the outside but as soon as you cracked it open it was cheap soft metal and a load of hot glue with a gimbal that destroyed itself and weak potentiometers. Does anyone know if there are plans to sell an F-16 kit to fit to the Super Taurus?
  4. I'd like to hear more about WinWings plans for the additional throttle handles. Will they be sold as an add-on kit? will they work on both the Orion and Super Taurus? I'm currently running a HOTAS Warthog and have a HOTAS Cougar throttle converted to USB but the Cougar used to be very unreliable and I'm resigned to it failing at some point. Virpil have a nice line up but the draw for me with WinWing is the replica throttle layout. I'm using a Sim Labs P1-X cockpit so have the ability to easily mount either the Super Taurus with some additional brackets or just mount the Orion on the plate I currently have the Warthog throttle unit on. I like the idea of having the finger lifts which as only on the Super Taurus and I may be wrong but the throttle throw seems longer on the Super Taurus over the Orion (maybe someone who has used both could answer this?) but I also like the idea of swapping throttle handles so if they are only planned for the Orion then maybe that's the way to go?
  5. I wonder how the side plate will work for the F-16 on the Super Taurus? it would be nice to see some pictures of it
  6. So will the Orion eventually replace the Super Taurus throttle? I have to admit to being a bit intrigued by Winwing even though I have a modded Warthog throttle base and I could fit the Super Taurus to my aluminium extrusion cockpit quite easily. I saw they have planned F-16 and helicopter collective throttle arms for the Orion, I'm guessing the fixing is the same on the Super Taurus throttle but what about that side plate for the F-16 throttle?
  7. Thanks trace, I was thinking I could get away with just making a small subframe by putting two pieces of 40x40 profile in front of the pedal deck then mounting the pedals to two 40x40 crossmembers to sit on the pieces in front of the pedal deck. With two angle brackets at the end it would stop them sliding.
  8. Could you give me a measure on the Crosswinds with the F-16 pedals please? Yeah I like the P1-X, it gives me a little more flexibility over the Obutto Ozone I had.
  9. Could you please give me a measurement for the total width of the pedals? I'm using a Sim-Labs P1-X cockpit for racing and flight sims and have my racing pedals hard mounted with a set of CH pedals sat on the floor. I'd like to upgrade to something like the Virpil or MFG Crosswinds but I know the Virpil pedals are too wide, the width I have is about 500mm
  10. I've used TrackIR and other options such as EDTracker and TrackHat but for me personally nothing comes close to the immersion in VR. Its truly transformed my flight sims, I find I spend more time flying now because of VR. I went through so many iteration of head tracking as mentioned above because I never found the perfect device, I don't want to have to play in a darkened room because the TrackIR gets thrown off and I hate the way the trackers lose their tracking even after you've spent time tweaking and trying to find the sweet spot so they don't go crazy if you move too far out of range.Then you just have the immersion breakers of seeing everything around you, the keyboard and mouse, the flat monitor in front of you, the wallpaper behind your monitor, the cat sat on the window sill who pops up and distracts you etc VR isn't perfect but for me its far far better than TrackIR etc
  11. I think the slew upgrade is fairly priced.
  12. Have a look at the slew upgrade. The original one is pretty poor, close to unusable but the upgrade transforms it. I've just done mine and so glad I did. https://deltasimelectronics.com/products/thumbstick-slew-sensor-adapter https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=200198
  13. 2453 received and installed, working great, got it last week in the mail but been too ill to fit until today.
  14. Well I'm using the settings Don posted apart from PD at 1.6 because the text is too blurry for me at 1.3. Its better than it was, not quite 2.5.5 but not far away so thats great. Another Windows update appeared tonight so fingers crossed ????
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