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  1. Glad it doesn't disturb your already done work then .
  2. Try it for yourself, it's a setting commented by actual warbirds pilots, and it works quite well BTW.
  3. Yeah, sorry, I meant since apparently IA climbing has changed, perhaps you would need some kind of "fix" in the campaign for the climb if one no longer needs that kind of climb to keep IA's pace.
  4. No mate, as you would know in short time reading these forums, DCS is never that easy of "changing a line", or "copy-pasting" anything. It's usually quite more complicated than that even when some modders manage to make some minor apparent changes using those tricks, but internally modules are quite more complicated than that and only the line change usually doesn't do the trick for devs or ED.
  5. Yeah, I've tried warbirds and it doesn't change my point. I also learnt in a C152 and since she's such a mother one can think every plane out there is like that, but you know they aren't. I also got cleared in a C172RG for advance aircraft (you know, retractable gear, constant speed prop, cowl flaps, and all the fancy stuff) and funnily enough it doesn't feature aileron trim, only nose and rudder. How can I tell you what a nice experience is having a 3 hours cross country while holding the yoke for left aileron. I once put a friend of mine in the back right seat to compensate for it, and it flew quite nicely BTW . I guess not "every propeller aircraft flies "off-trim" after all , and before you tell, no, it couldn't be enhanced by ground crew unless you wanted the opposite nice thing of having to hold the yoke to the right at low speeds and specially while landing which would had clearly been much nicer. Still, MiG-21 doesn't feature aileron trim and… it just doesn't from factory despite ulterior modifications, what can I do about that? Remember DCS modules are a "still picture" taken at the date of the info devs could find, and even though aircraft aren't always the same and get modified during it's service life and all, we are stuck in the picture, date, and info found by devs we have. So, 1972 factory fresh MiG-21Bis doesn't feature aileron trim, the manual is clear in forbidding asymmetrical loadouts, and local, later, punctual, whatever mods simply aren't contemplated and I just don't know if we should open that path since everybody ask for their own likes and dislikes in every module so the original base aircraft is a good reference point to prevent getting lost in all the whishlists happening every day in every module. I mean, if ED or any other third party would open that can of worms you could end up having to put the ashtray in the Emil the day we have one just because once Galland did put one on it's mount and wishlists, as the name suggests, are endless so be sure someone will say it's necessary to have the infamous ashtray. Just a silly example, but you get the point. Anyhow, don't think I say no for the sake of no, like my personal opinion would matter or influence devs in any way , and if at some point we get the v2.0 of this module, as apparently we would nobody knows when, who knows what new features it could boast, perhaps updating the asymmetrical loadouts could be one of them, but for the moment I believe M3 is quite bogged down with their current WIP modules and I just don't think they even have the time to stop thinking about minor features and goodies like that.
  6. Tienes que encender el RWR, pero si son de guía IR (infrarroja) no suena nada, lo mismo para misiles A/A que para SAMs.
  7. Yep, that was said in the newsletter/changelog. Perhaps now Reflected has to "fix" the IA climb he had in his campaign to those new IA standards.
  8. No dates given. But, remember those cities will come to Normandy map, not Channel already featuring a portion on London.
  9. When it's cold, is the radar already working? Usually you should allow couple or three minutes for the radar to warm up before it starts working.
  10. Worries about what? You know it's coming, we've seen it, there are several training videos already. It's not like they will decide all of a sudden "well, we changed our minds, we're developing a Cessna 172 now, in two weeks years more info available" .
  11. En multiplayer es el host de la misión quién define los parámetros, de realismo, y de las vistas disponibles, y alguna cosa más. Si se desactivan las vistas, que se suele hacer según el tipo de servidor o la misión que sea que está subida, pues no las tienes disponibles. Se pueden quitar individualmente todas, pero es corriente quitar la vista externa, a veces se deja pero solo mientras estás en el suelo, se quitan vistas del suelo, o de elementos enemigos, se activa, o no, el fog of war en el mapa, se puede determinar que se ve en el mapa, todo, algunas cosas, solo tu avión, o nada (solo el mapa). Vamos, que online no depende de ti, antes de entrar a un servidor en la descipción tendrás puesto qué misión hay subida, alguna explicación, y normalmente cuales de esas opciones están activadas incluido el integrity check, o si se permiten, o exigen, mods para la misión, todos esas detalles.
  12. They are redoing it to make it better. It can be the best you've seen in your life, unseen in any other commercial sim, and still be plenty of room for improvements .
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