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  1. 23 hours ago, ataribaby said:

    Boxart Mirage F.1CT/CR 80111 Kitty Hawk

    Have one of those in my stash, I wouldn't know why all of a sudden the urge to take it out and start building has been raising these days… 🤣  TBH I already took it out a couple times this week to check a few things 😅 .

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  2. 1 hour ago, Dirty Rotten Flieger said:

    I'm getting stutter in Syria. It's not really bad stutter but it's not great either. Just enough to ruin the feeling of flight.

    Runs better offline but on Enigma's Cold War just now it was kinda meh.

    Did you already tried lowering preload radious?

  3. 12 hours ago, NineLine said:

    I dont know if those pictures are good examples, most if not all are very dark, I can check and see if we are using the official color, I am sure Nick has directed this if not I will see if we can. 

    Yep, Kodachrome negatives were known to need a hell of a lot of light to impress the negative good enough, but they're the best pictures, crispiest (more expensive either) and colourful at the time though. You can't find better wartime pictures in colour than that. In my screen though they don't look that dark at all, they have a normal contrast and look just good, as taken yesterday as most good Kodachrome pictures do look like indeed when the picture was taken in good enough light conditions. People in there don't look posing by chance, they probably had to wait a while standing still for the photo to be taken. Whatever anyway, those are the reference as you can imagine, what the real thing did look like back in the day.

    I think those are the best pictures of the subject, but there are some more of course if needed, just tell 😉 . I just save them for my own reference in model making (rivet counter nitpicking at it's best, yeah 😅) but here they come in handy. No editing from me, hope the source (IWM for those I believe) didn't edit either, or at least they didn't too much.

  4. It says,

    B(TS), NP(TS), SBROS,


    The top ones probably means some systems, since I don't even know what aircraft that is I don't know them, sorry. If you know the aircraft perhaps they are known to you with just the transcription.

    The bottom one just says "start-start-stop-stop".

  5. 51 minutes ago, silverdevil said:

    i was wondering. i am not able to lock the nosewheel in place to keep it straight on rollout. i have the ON and OFF mapped to a button on the joystick with a mod and same button. i look at the jet in F2 and see it moving regardless of button presses.



    That's not the control you want to map (if any need to be mapped), you have to map "Nose wheel steering high sensitivity button". During start up it's set to steer correctly, but once airborne that switch pops up automatically so you aren't in "high sensitivity" when you're back in the landing run. Once more or less stopped to exit runway you must push high sensitivity switch again in order to taxi back to parking. Once set again you can steer normally, no need to keep it pushed like F-5 or any alike, that's why I say you don't really need to map it to HOTAS controls unless you're plenty of spare buttons.

  6. 42 minutes ago, Doughguy said:


    Not what i meant tho. Video is cut in an unfavourable way... pony goes up fades to black *magic* cuts back pony goes down.

    Video doesn't fade out, maybe the camera could be in a better position, right, but you see the aircraft all the way up, turn with rudder, and down 😉 . In Dora video there's a better camera angle for sure.

  7. A classic, either in DCS or any other sim used in the last 20-25 years 😅 ,

    When you're watching sim videos, YT or whatever, and you move your head to pan the view like you were wearing trackIr. Sometimes even in real world videos, not just sim videos 🤣 .

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  8. 59 minutes ago, medway said:

    Is the current price going to be available all the way until it's out of EA? The Steam page says the sale ends on July 28th but I'm assuming that's just down to Steam sales rules?

    Nope, only until released on stable, which can take some time, or be next week. Steam dates are Steam policy, but except happy coincidences never real.

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  9. 47 minutes ago, VR Flight Guy in PJ Pants said:

    May I ask when the special discount on EA would end?

    That's unknown, probably even for devs or ED themselves. Discount usually ends the moment it's released in Stable version, that means most outstanding bugs are squeezed, but we don't know when that's going to be, maybe next week, maybe next month, who knows.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Kev2go said:

    I kind of posted it as  joke, knowing that some people would reply " bruh, just fly F/A18C with SAF skin " But at the same time since original EF18 is an F/A18A it would give the cold war enthusiasts the early 4th gen version they want for 80s scenarios. 

     Honestly im not sure Aerges is willing to simulate a  variation of the Hornet if ED already had developed a USN/usmc F/A18C, though i have to admit if they could get documentation of the EF18M, that would be interesting as its a mix of new and old The Hornets in SAF service are due to be phased out by 2024, with another contract for additional Eurofighters having been signed to replace them.


    https://sofrep.com/news/spain-and-nato-eurofighter-close-2-15-billion-deal-to-purchase-airforce-upgrades/#:~:text=News %2B Intel-,Spain Will Replace F%2FA-18 Hornets with NATO,Eurofighter in %242.15 Billion Deal&text=Spanish Air Force's F-18s,Berlin Airshow by Carlo Mancusi.


    Yeah, I guess it was a joke, since it's still in full service and software is locally coded, I doubt Aerges or anyone can get the info at all until after well out of service. Anyhow as you said an A version would be nice though that should be up to ED and their module I suppose.

    Be aware anyhow, that article means substituting a batch of second hand Hornets bought well after EF-18A ones in the 90's, which were already badly battered in naval service, and not fully overhauled to M version as the original brand new ones (still using only Fox 1s, for instance). Those, currently based on Canary islands, are going to be replaced with more Eurofighters soon, what article means, but the rest of them based on Peninsular territory won't be ruled out that soon.

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  11. Talking about devs didn't find "the issue", perhaps the thing is just representing how the real deal is (pretty damn PITCH BLACK, as all French cockpits actually are) is no ISSUE.

    What Aerges is "fixing" now is people not liking how it is in real life, don't get yourselves fooled.


    AND, not only Aerges have said "a fix" is coming (though I wouldn't call that a "fix"), in latest RedKite's tutorial the cockpit IS ALREADY LIGHTER. Pretty sure in the next patch that AESTHETICAL CHANGE is coming so people complains (and I'm thinking a different word here…) are FIXED 🤣 . People's attitude needs fixing, real life features doesn't 😜 .


    And yeah, by the way it's not that bad, I'm not playing specially high gamma (my screen is correctly set anyhow, not in DCS, everywhere) and contrast is just fine, it's not by chance critical controls are painted in red and black stripped yellow so you see them right away against black cockpit. Anyhow blame Dassault for their standards, not Aerges for replicating what happens in the real thing. Anyhow, ED's not going to """"fix"""" something which is fine right now and will change anyway the minute we got Vulkan and new shaders… just saying as so many people boasts a so short memory in what is probably going to happen in a not so distant future.

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  12. 15 hours ago, Japo32 said:

    …and correcting a little the deep black cockpit.

    Japo, in case you want to save some extra work, you know they've said a fix for that is coming and we've even already seen in some videos the corrected cockpit, not said it was but obvious for the looks of it the cockpit was lighter. Perhaps you want to wait until next patch in case they release lighter cockpit soon enough.

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  13. 4 hours ago, Art-J said:

    EDIT - just tested, using time acceleration and onboard clock - nah, the diluter is still not functional. Bummer :/.

    Ok, not that I need or use it anyway 😅 , but good to know. Probably it was something else I saw. Sorry it's not working as you expected.

  14. Pretty usual antiviruses mistake some legit file for malware. Usually you have to set the whole DCS install folder as "secure", "no search here", whatever the name in your antivirus is, and it won't bother you any more.

    If you like, you know you can usually send some kind of report about false positives and they'll check for it, but preventing the antivirus from messing in your install should be enough.

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  15. Didn't read the manual in regard to that yet, but used a external fuel tank (totally useless, this thing is economy fuel use at it's best 🤣 ) just the day before yesterday and apparently it used fuel from it on it's own. Had to drop it before landing, you cannot spend it even in full afterburner all the time but used no selector or the like at all.

  16. I guess it isn't, only F1M got an actual HOTAS in it's full meaning. Right now there is no Warthog default profile, but neither has F1CE a real HOTAS so for now just map your controls to your liking. If it's similar, or the same (which I don't know since I don't own) than M2000 it's usually better for you and a better learning curve of course.

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