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  1. 8 minutes ago, bones1014 said:

    where the heck is the TACAN volume knob? I've been looking for it. Shame it's not working but once it does I'd like to know where it is please. 🙂

    IIRC, left horizontal panel, ahead of throttle, and next to the radios and other volume knobs. But check on manual, some start up video or something else, it was yesterday that I used those and I'm not 100% sure right now 🤔 .

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  2. 1 hour ago, Art-J said:

    Oil dilution switch should help a ton as well (judging from example of DCS Mustang, where it's very useful), BUT unless they fixed it in latest Open Beta patch, it never worked since P-47 module release... unfortunately.

    Never tried myself, but I recall a P-47 video not long ago talking about engine management, and in cold weather (not really happening in Channel or Normandy maps usually unless we want to make it just harder to fly) oil dilution does work and you can notice a lowering in oil pressure (or was it a boost? I believe it was a drop, yes) as it should be with oil dilution. Or perhaps I dreamt of it, but I believe they guy in the video used oil dilution and there were a difference, just not a huge difference you notice a lot, but it was there.

  3. Yes, if you're interested and you like the aircraft I've been really delighted to find a really good module with a lot of care put on it, a really really nice FM, and so many goodies included. If we bear in mind it's 4 airframes in the end, price is not bad at all so taking the Early-Access discount is worth it. External textures perhaps needs a bit of extra work, but nothing preventing to fully enjoy the module. Personal opinion of course, if it serves you in the slightest.

    The thing with stable release is it just pops up all of a sudden and so many times we have no clue when that's going to be, so if you like F1 you're now on time to take advantage of EA discount. I don't think you'll regret it 😉 .

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  4. 17 minutes ago, tazzharm said:

    how long do you sit in parking to get to warm up?

    do you also only start taxi after cylinder temp 100 or above?

    That only depends on weather conditions, as expected. But mostly if your oil is about 40º you're good to taxi and take off. As said depends on the weather but I noticed many times oil temp is the latest to warm up, cylinder head temps are more than fine by the time oil reaches those 40º, or about it because sometimes oil really struggles to reach that minimum temp. Again depending on weather you can play with radiators, opening, closing, from the neutral position told in start-up to check how temps change once your engine is running to match them to your needs. In a really cold weather of course oil dilute will help. On the ground while idling, I'm not even sure cylinder head temps can overheat without engine being running high rpm/manifold, so try and don't be shy with it.


    About your other issue, I wouldn't really know. Have you already tried deleting saved games/DCS/fxo and /Metashaders2 folders? Those are shaders built for the last patch and may cause some flickering, artefacts and the like, checking those won't harm at all, shaders are built up every time you start the game once deleted. Also, have you checked your graphics card drivers? Sometimes you even have to revert drivers until you find a driver version correctly working for your setup.

  5. You didn't notice but yes, you have had problems. While taking off with cowl flaps fully open there's a turbulence caused by them leading to a flutter in the elevator which prevents a proper control, and in bad weather, wake turbulence or the like it could even lead to crash. When cruising with cowl flaps open, full or half, there's either a bad turbulence which makes your control worst, and physical controls in cockpit are visibly shaking. Take off with half open cowl flaps, and close them once you're faster than 200mph and that's all, as per manual. And yes, that all is modelled and noticeable, try it.

    And by the way again, yes, people might open or close cowl flaps and whatever, in fact no matter you open or close them the engine never warm up any faster, perhaps under heavy snow or something alike there's a little difference, but usually there's any at all. As per manual. Yes, it's modelled.

  6. Yeah, no I get your point, sorry if I explained too much.

    In the end, no, as you say many times it isn't clearly stated when a module is going to pass from one state to another, understandable since they never know exact dates, but yes, usually that discount lasts until Stable release and that's as much as we can know from previous experiences.

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  7. 8 hours ago, CabeHd said:


     know it's an English forum, but I wanted to draw your attention.  

    Thanks for the note.

     I don't mind the puritanism of some yet real.  I have never needed anything in Spanish to learn something that I like, although it would have helped a lot, they have forced us to learn English and I am not saying this because of the technicalities that have no translation, in the end the "flaps" are the flaps but if they explain in my language where they are and what they are used for I will learn faster than deciphering it in another language.  In the end, it is about making it easy for potential consumers of the product.

    Yeah, in the end those are related but two different things, I guess. In DCS what I believe most users ask for is realism, and realism means also if I have to use a Cyrillic labelled cockpit because it's just like that IRL then well, I'll use it. Anyhow, most developers offer more than one language in cockpits in most cockpits, so probably Aerges is aware and plans to do so in due time.

    The other one, yes you both are right, I've been reading aviation books in English just because there were no choice since ever, so perhaps I no longer notice and just do it. Anyhow, manuals are usually a huge task, it happens many times at release there is only a quick guide and full manual only comes later. Aerges here delivered the full manual (for CE version) pretty soon, and I highly doubt they won't make any more versions in any more languages. The Spanish one is the most obvious, so let's hope they do. But, it can be asked politely and just because they're Spanish fellows doesn't mean you shouldn't be 😉 .

  8. 58 minutes ago, Rudel_chw said:

    Yes, the cockpit labeling is in french and english, for example this is the cockpit of the F1EM, where the labels and placards that can be seen are in french and english, not spanish:

    In the module itself there are a couple placards in Spanish, hence what I said about three languages 😁 . You can look for them if you didn't noticed already.

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  9. Not only fuel primer lock, remember to take off with cowl flaps half opened, and close them immediately after take off when you reach 200mph or the buffeting and vibrations can be really bad, those are probably already set on training missions nor you probably fly long enough to notice.

    On the other hand, you're speaking of pc performance at the same time, not sure how those might be exactly related.

  10. 57 minutes ago, sadjad-vosoul said:

    Of course it is too much to ask for , but we are all part of DCS community with same goal : "to make DCS great ! " 
    so they could ask for better skins from skinners , like me with my pleasure i would accept to hand on Iranian skins to help them, for free !!!
    @Ala13_ManOWar you are more like a good Fan of Aerges than being AV geeks  , nice job bro 😉


    As a matter of fact, I probably noticed those tiny details (don't get me started on default EdA skins 😅 ) sooner than most people if not before anyone else just in the screenshots they had shown all the way to release 🤣 . I just happen to have a more positive attitude in face of those, still tiny, details. And those don't prevent me from enjoying the sim in it's full glory, I just know I know those things, I notice those things, but not only many people don't notice/don't care, probably most of the people don't notice nor they care, so I'm very happy living with those, still tiny, remember, details instead of running to these forums to point out everything which is "wrong", inconsistent, inaccurate, whatever. If I want those to be better I can download further skins, don't worry, somebody will make them for sure, or even if it's so bad and unacceptable and unbearable to me I can paint those myself to my liking. Maybe there was a time I was bothered by those tiny, minuscule, stupid details but I just can't be bothered any more 😉.

    Anyhow, I know what I'm watching, I know what I know, I just choose the battle worth fighting.


    P.S. BTW, you can thank ME specifically for the now correct markings on the IA B-17 🤣 😜 . Couldn't make it happen anyhow for default F-86 skins but I told back in the day… 🙄

    P.S. 2 , forgot to mention I also got the Spanish skins in the Hornet to be corrected with accurate markings and bort numbers 🤣🤣🤣

  11. 1 hour ago, Northstar98 said:

    Fairly sure the MiG-21bis has a Draken International livery with the name written on it

    Yep, fans made skins aren't tied to copyright laws, but official skins on the other hand… Fictional ones maybe possible, wouldn't recall that particular one, but RL ones probably not with regards to official publishers.

  12. 1 hour ago, Tom Kazansky said:

    first half of your post matches my experiences with DCS modules, 2nd half does not. E.g. Apache (and Hind I think) are in stable for quite some time and still have EA discount.

    Yep, perhaps you're mixing there Early Access, Pre-Purchase, release in Open Beta and stable release (which I don't blame you for 😅).


    F1 didn't have a pre-purchase time, which usually means 30% discount, one, two, three months ahead of release, usually as said, not written in stone, but usually goes like that. When pre-purchase period ends (the minute they release it in OB) it's still in EA with a 20% discount, but no 30 as pre-purchase. Usually.

    Early Access means you're getting the module in advance without being in a 100% finished state. In F1 case we got it being Early Access, right, but there were no pre-purchase ahead of release, hence 20% discount. Early Access per sé anyhow can last whatever Devs think is necessary, it might be months, or even years until Devs think it's complete enough to qualify as out of Early-Access which in turn still doesn't mean it's 100% complete and module can be still under development, just lacking minor things and all, but not 100%. Either Mi-24 and Apache ARE still in Early-Access state as you can check yourself at each module shop place at ED's store, so it actually matches your experience no matter you knew it or not 😉 .

    Still, 20% discount happens because it's Early-Access (very first stages, but no different name) but once it's released, released for good in Stable, that's "real" release, to name it, and discount goes away. Perhaps they could have named it pre-release or something on the like, but too many names and states, I don't know. We're in sort of pre-release state in Open Beta now, still discount, but no pre-purchase discount, but it isn't full released in Stable version, if any of it makes sense 😅 .


    On a side note, the Early-Access subject is actually controversial, some folks think it makes no sense to have an EA label still on modules released years ago, but they do sometimes despite being used by many people regularly. It's up only to the developer when that state ends or how "finished" is or isn't the module to call it one way or another. If they feel it's still pretty much WIP no matter how users feel it, the EA label can be there for a way long time.

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  13. Este es el foro en inglés, no tardará en decírtelo algún moderador si continuamos en español (está más abajo la sección en español).

    El tema es que si el avión real no tiene esos manuales en español, si los controles en el avión real no están en español, pues se modela lo que hay en la realidad no lo que le pueda gustar a unos y otros. Las cabinas con diferentes idiomas se ponen (a posteriori) en muchos módulos pero es una cuestión de cortesía, no de realismo porque lo realista es tal cual está. Pasa lo mismo con los cockpits en ruso y demás. Habrás notado que este avión tiene placards en tres idiomas, por cierto, pues eso :thumbup: . Por cierto, lo mismo para el manual, el manual "en español" del EF-18 Hornet que anda por internet verás que tiene en español el título porque en el EdA se usa el inglés como es normal, así que eso es "lo realista".


    This is English forum, won't last until a mod comes to tell if we keep like this (in Spanish) (Spanish forum section further down).

    The thing is, if the real aircraft doesn't feature those manuals in Spanish, if the aircraft cockpit labels aren't in Spanish, so they model what there is in real life and not what people might like or not. Different languages in cockpits are given (at a later stage) in many modules but it's a courtesy question, not realism because what's realistic is how it is IRL. Happens the same with Russian cockpits. You may have notice three different languages in cockpit's placards, so. BTW, same goes for the manual, in the "Spanish" manual for the EF-18, found online, your might notice the firsts sentences and title saying "Spanish manual", but then it's all in English and Spanish Air Force uses English, so that's what's realistic.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Raviar said:

    as per title, the flag and color are wrong, the liveries have wrong color and wrong pattern



    Agreed on the somewhat too shiny colours on flag and markings, cammo colours though aren't what you think. That's a badly weathered and faded paint, not exactly a different colour.

    On top of that, patterns in cammoes are usually told by whatever the airforce it is, but patterns aren't that exact same every time. After all, they are painted by human beings who interpret what they can out of a sheet of paper. Believe me, I've made lots of aircraft models and I know what a cammo looks like and how they are and aren't painted. The author of the skin might have just used a different airframe as a reference for the pattern, but still it's spot on for the subject :thumbup: .

  15. 25 minutes ago, funkstardeluxe said:

    first of all, great module, need to get used to it after M2000C. for some reason I am not able to bind wheel brake on any buttons on the stick, makes taxiing a bit hazardous! air brakes, chute, flaps or anything else needed to barely fly the aircraft is fine...


    edit: OK it needs to be a slider not a single button, which makes sense, I've binded a rotary knob since I do not have actual rudder/brake pedals, I should have read the manual with more care...

    For reasons not important here I can't push brakes on my rudder pedals, and I certainly have brakes set either in my Warthog throttle base extra axis and in a spare button of my joystick grip. They both work, they both can be bound at the same time, no problem at all.

    Axis's controls list is one bind, buttons controls are a different controls list, if you select axis's controls you have to use an axis for the control, but in the regular button's control list you can set all the axis controls to buttons either. They're just two different controls' lists.

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  16. 9 hours ago, Kev2go said:

    the EF-18

    😆  But remember it wasn't EF-18M (cockpit picture) all of the time, they were plain A model for many time after they first arrived in 1986, then A+ (alike C, but not completely), then M for Modernised or overhauled (same as F1M) with that fancy super Hornet UFC, but that was only in relatively recent times.

    It's curious anyhow, and funny since now we know all that equipment close and personal from DCS, how cockpit is a mixed bag. No IFEI but the old analogue fuel gauge already seen in AV-8B and F-15E, new digital UFC and I believe slightly bigger DDIs and definitely bigger new AMPCD, but some other stuff kept from old A equipment. It's said (I wouldn't know exactly since I haven't flown the real deal) software wise it's now at a super Hornet block 1 level, but in a legacy Hornet airframe. Original radar AN/APG-65 (same as AV-8B+) is also kept despite other upgrades, like new F404 engines which weren't the original ones. Interesting mixed bag, yeah.

  17. 8 minutes ago, felixx75 said:

    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by this, or exactly how it works.

    It would be nice, if it could be implemented like in the other modules...

    I believe it works like that in other modules alike, Hornet for instance. You select the radio you want to use, then radio menu works for that selected radio alone until you select another radio to speak/listen to.

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