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  1. I believe I've seen a pic showing an early Spanish F1CE mounting a Matra Magic, but if it were like that apparently they were replaced pretty soon.

    The Sidewinder main version used was J, and later on I believe there were an L version (or was it N?) because of the all aspect thing, but J model missiles were overhauled to be all aspect so apparently the JULI version was the most common in the end.

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  2. Yep, set it to custom curve, best if you use it as "slider" option, and set the curve till AB kick in matches your detent.

    To illustrate (it's on a Warthog, so most probably useless to you) in custom curve I had to put 40% slider from 40 to 47 and it is spot on to my push throw detent. The two other sides imagine them just tweaked until they're the straightest line you can to AB peak.

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  3. Since AB bombs are cluster bombs, they need to be dropped at a certain altitude in order for it to open and free the canisters. If you drop it close enough to the ground not only it won't open, it of course doesn't explode at all.

  4. Not that I've noticed, in the end you just have more room to run in the non-AB area (so you have not less but more room and it should ease handling I guess), and AB has just less room but since it's already on and it's an area you won't spend much time on burning lots of fuel, I didn't notice big differences in handling. First day anyhow, I'll check in the long term how it feels or if there's any disadvantage in having less room for AB. I guess it won't be, but we'll see.

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  5. It doesn't feel like multi-stage AB, but it might well be that. Anyhow, I just planted custom curve the second I got airborne and matched AB kick with my Warthog detent, no big deal.

  6. Can you tell us a bit more about how it happens, conditions, what kind of mission, etc? Lag in DCS can happen due to many reasons to my limited knowledge about the subject, but, for instance, it's usual you can be perfectly fine in a server and should a single player join having a bad ping the hole game is borked for everyone which as you might guess has anything to do with the map itself. Maybe that player has a bad internet connection, or has an old PC not allowing him better performance, or both and the game if ruined for everyone which should be synced to him and it's just impossible to be synced with that.

    Has it happened to you in a regular server? Some friend/squadmate/whoever server? Can you play just fine offline? What mission was it in, heavy mission plenty of ground units or just a few ones? That kind of stuff giving more details.

  7. Who said they can't? They pretty much can as almost any aircraft I guess, but you have to practise it to master, like you have to do IRL as opposed to other games were you can do it straight out of the box. Sincerely that little detail alone only tells me about how accurate behaviour is in DCS, but whatever :thumbup: .

  8. 11 hours ago, RentedAndDented said:

    Logic isn't your strong suit much is it? The owner of ED is a warbird pilot who has a pretty good clue of how these things handle. Even then, it's an imperfect simulation as it must be, and you're laser focusing on one area you think is wrong.

    As has been said, they're all different airframes. You are simplifying the aerodynamics of it to a completely pointless degree.

    Maybe.....just maybe....the pilots in the videos you post are more skilled than you?

    Let it be, that hammerhead in the video is pretty much the same you can do in a P-51 in DCS, but hammerheads have a trick, you must do it perfectly to the numbers or you end up in whatever but a hammerhead at all. You have to use a certain engine while climbing to the vertical, you have to step in the rudder (it depends on whether you do towards torque or against torque either) at a certain exact speed while still climbing, a second sooner or later and hammerhead is not happening. But he knows better, so let him live in his fap-adorian wet dreams of superiority, he's happy there, ignorance is bliss  🤣 .

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  9. We all hope 🤣 . Since it's ED's, which happens to be the main company and not just a happy trigger third party, I wouldn't know why anybody could think they just changed their minds about this map of which we've already seen screenshots and all and decide, "hey, on a second thought, let's ditch all the work we've done so far" 😅.

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  10. Still, just having tested the quite good mod out there (video posted some posts before) one can figure out why 104, no matter how cool it looks (because it does either), was a pretty useless aircraft outside of it's cold war bomber interceptor role. You don't need much, download the mod, watch a couple videos on how it's used and how realistic intercept profiles are, and it's just obvious. Out of that role it's a rather limited aircraft since quick take offs to climb stratospheric and intercept a supersonic bomber with your two sidewinders 🙄 isn't exactly the most varied and usable aircraft ever.

  11. 2 hours ago, Stratos said:

    Was the F1M ever able to carry a laser desginator pod?

    I know they carried a Elint pod, not sure If a designator pod was there as well.


    AFAIK no, they always relied on buddy lasing.

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  12. 22 hours ago, chichowalker said:

    Former SAF Mirage F1M pilot here.
    We didn't have Exocet in our inventory, nor in the avionics.

    Enviado desde mi SM-G981B mediante Tapatalk

    Thanks Chicho!! That was my suspicion, but since this is a simulation and users usually claim for more options no matter how far fetched they are I wouldn't be surprised if Aerges finally decides to make it available for whatever the version they think of. If I'm not mistaken we've already seen (yesterday, or the day before I think) a video where a CE fires a R530F missilewhich apparently shouldn't be able to, so…

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  13. On 7/9/2022 at 9:49 PM, Bremspropeller said:

    It's not clear whether the ex AdlA F1C and F1B aircraft were upgraded.

    Unclear no more 😉. In the first batches a total of 6 two seaters were bought, but since they're single engine airframes loses during regular operations summed up as much as 3 of them at least, so that's why several more second hand two seaters were bought from Qatar and France. Not sure about the Qatari ones, I believe none of those airframes were overhauled at all (cannibalized for spare parts though) neither single or two seaters, but actually the single F1B from Armèe de l'Air was updated so at least one more two seater was available in M configuration,



    Sincerely I don't envy Aerges having to choose among a myriad of models which one, in which configuration, to model or not. If they stick to the originally bought models it's fine but they're mostly older variants and lacking features, which we know DCS fans want as per usual, until more recent updates, if we look closely among the later second hand and overhauled ones number of choices start to spread like butter over a hot toast…

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  14. Curiously I read somewhere about the exocet, despite not being in SAF service, could be used in later models F1s, I believe it was M version that they mentioned which would make sense though I wouldn't really know if that's a thing at all since it wasn't a weapon ever used in Spain or Spanish forces at all so it probably was some kind of misunderstanding, but who knows. When we get M model at least we'll see what Aerges come up with, I guess.

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