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  1. I've binded that to keyboard but it's not working only controller works for pitch up & down any ideas mate?!
  2. I assumed that too, I have both FC3 & F-15 and i kept the old Stable version to use my VSN F-35B
  3. The latest open beta patch, this happens sometimes that they uploaded a wrong version or we might need to have a better installation instructions! There you go https://download2329.mediafire.com/rwzknqmvmrvg/d75yuv540r38qr4/Community+F-22A+Mod+Version+II.zip
  4. Man you can check the download link first if you don't believe us! + we didn't use the standard pitch binding! Don't act like you are the smart one here dude
  5. I think I have the same Issue with LH1 before, the last version supported the VTOL proper landing for F-35B was, I haven't updated the stable version of that to keep the VTOL running smoothly, I hope you can fix it out with VSN
  6. I would support this even if it's a payware! I wish you could find a way to coordinate with ED in order to make this a great project ppl
  7. It's working now for the latest open beta patch, F-35B AI behaves very strange regarding carrier landing, I hope authors can update it all together now! Thank you ppl
  8. Thanks a lot and I wish if there is anyway to solve this issue as more updates are coming out soon
  9. are you going to update the ones for version 2.5.6? thank you a lot
  10. A new patch has been released VSN planes back to work, F22A is not any ideas people
  11. Either they release F22 F35 and other jets or allow modders to give us a lil bit of fun, I bought most of modules and will purchase above jets if they make them for sure, else let us have some fun
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