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  1. For me it seems to be on the level when in the up position, but the active area doesn't move down with the lever, so it covers the hinge.
  2. Which training mission is that? I ran the Cold Start Procedure, and it ends before you start taxiing. Are you running a different set of training missions?
  3. I can only get the ground collision warning light to shine if I have both the radar altimeter on and the radar in A1 or A2 mode. Can you confirm this? Once I hear back from you I'll submit a bug report.
  4. The beta testers have recently tested a candiate fix for these.
  5. Ok great, thanks for clarifying. I have no idea why someone might try this with cold starts, but if you frequent these forums you'll find users all over the place who don't know the finer details of how to operate the jet (Mav BSGT, NORM align, HMCS align, lasing, etc.). I'm glad in this case it is a well-isolated bug of the radar.
  6. I will not stop asking for clarity. HMCS alignment is directly relevant to understanding the video images -- what part of the offset is radar lag vs misalignment.
  7. This is the answer. In addition to custom MFD profiles, you can set up and share your flight plan with wingmen. And a nice perk is that when you die and respawn, you don't have to retype all your waypoints.
  8. I'm convinced there is an issue. Just to confirm though, is your HMCS aligned properly?
  9. That's strange. I've never had a problem like that in the Viggen. I pay almost exclusively online and mainly fly the Viggen.
  10. Could you possibly have changed the fuel feed settings (or taken damage to a fuel tank) that led to a nose heavy fuel imbalance?
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