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  1. I read in swedish media that they recovered the greek pilots body. I guess next time the greeks will fire for effect.
  2. All those taxmoney developing that JAS39 and no one wants them. How swedish. :)
  3. That was a great movie. Congratulations to that experience. If I'm lucky I'll get to fly a JAS simulator tomorrow. The army has an exhibition in my town tomorrow. It doesn't come anywhere near what you did but it's the best I can get
  4. Man I wish my g/f wouldn't have thought of me being mentaly unstable if I when t out and bought me one of those.
  5. I think my Waterchill KT12A-L30 will outrun that arctic thingy hands tied behind its back :) My mistake was that I didn't buy ramsinks. It ran fine without until I forced it to play Oblivion. I think I must have toasted the memory since I keep getting artifacts since
  6. Thanks for the offer but I might aswell go all in on this one since I think it will be even harder for me to upgrade from a 6600 to a 6800 in the future. Also looking at tomshardware benchmarks there is a significant performance difference between those two.
  7. If you would do that for me I would be very thankfull
  8. It would if I could find one that's not PCI-e. I have been checking ebay out the last week but people pay stupid prices for used stuff. All the auctions for the 6800gt are up arround 200 euro and that's for a used card. I found an private add for a brand new one for about 220 euro. Now that I'm willing to pay. The problem is that I can't get a hold of the guy who posted it. :P If I don't I'll give you a shoud ggg87
  9. If anyone has one for sale I'd love to buy it from you. But it has to be AGP since I have an old mobo. My 9800 pro went arti on me. Perhaps I shouldn't have saved on those ramsinks.
  10. You should try to divx it ironhand. I can get approx 90 min into 700Mb with excellent details
  11. I'm using logicrap keyboard too. Let me know if your little experiment works out.
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